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Soldering 14K Gold

Hi All-

I need to solder a jump ring on a very thin 14K Gold chain for a
friend, but never having worked in 14K I only have 18 K solder. I
seem to remember learning that you cannot use solder of a higher
karat than the metal you are soldering. Is this true? If so,since
I don’t want to buy 14K solder if I can help it, is there any other
way I can fix this chain? There are no loops to which a jump ring
could be connected.


Your 18k solder may or may not be 18KT, it may be 18y that is to say
a repair solder of a lower karat intended for use on 18kt with
relative ease. In either case it is likely too hot a flow for your
14kt. Call someone for a dwt of 14ky extra easy flow (1200 to 1350
flow F) plumb solder.

Daniel Ballard

take a small piece of hard silver solder, mix it with a 2/3 larger
of 18k solder. Flatten with hammer and cut pallions…should be able
to wing it from there.


With the type of chain that you are describing and that it is super
thin it would be really hard to use the 18K on hand for the repair.
Different temperatures (hotter) required to flow the 18k would
certainly damage the chain. 14K yellow paste solder in easy formula
would do the trick for the repair. Put it exactly where you want it,
(in a very small amount) and since flux is included in the paste
you should have no trouble making the repair.

Beth Katz
Paste and Powder Solder for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

I recommend that you check with your solder supplier as to the
actual melting point of your 18k solder. You might find, as I have,
that the range of solders in 18k has similar temps as the same
company’s 14k solders, not too dissimilar, at least.


solidus - liquidus
18ky med  1345 - 1480
14ky med  1345 - 1460
14ky easy 1305 - 1415

14k gold alloy seems to have a melting point of 1550F. That’ll be
the liquidus, so remember that the solidus (when the metal starts to
change from partly liquid to fully solid) will be a little lower than

I’ve made spectacle frames in 14k using (my local brand) 18k
solders. Looks nice.

B r i a n A d a m
e y e g l a s s e s j e w e l l e r y