Solder flow temperatures comparison

This is a nifty comparison of different manufacturers and their
solder flow points for sterling silver wire solder. I keep a copy of
this on my bench.

It’s amazing how much the temperature differs from one manufacturer
to another.

Silver Solder Wire Flow Points

Hoover and Strong Best color match to sterling silver

Easy 1250 F
Medium 1295 F
Hard 1490 F

Rio Grande Good color match in Easy and Medium

Easy 1325 F
Medium 1360 F
Hard 1450 F

Hauser and Miller Slight yellowing in their solder, but good for

Easy 1325 F
Medium 1360 F
Hard 1450 F

DH Fell Good color match and good flow for all solders. Just be
mindful of their temperatures if you are mixing one vendors with

Easy 1240F
Medium 1275 F
Hard 1365 F

Hope this helps!
Karen Christians