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Solder cutting and storing

Was - New to bezel setting

I find cutting solder each time is a waste of time and a real
distraction. 10 years ago I discovered the little watchmaker cases
from Lee Valley Tools. I cut all my solder, silver and gold, in great
batches and store it in those little aluminum glass topped cans. I
have never had a problem with oxidized solder when it is stored in
the cans.

I cut silver solder in big pieces for bezel setting, medium and tiny
bits. I store each kind in separate cans so I have 9 cans - hard,
medium, easy in each of three sizes. Gold is clipped in medium and
smallish and each stored by karat and hard, medium and easy - if I
have that many of each in gold. I do mix sizes for gold in the same

To insure that I know what is in the can, I write the description of
the metal inside the can, on the bottom. If you put the description
on the lid, Murphy will be sure to switch lids.

The little cans come from . The cans are found
in the woodworking section under storage. They also have nifty tubes
for storing saw blades. Buy more than you think you need, these
things are really handy. I also use the little cans for findings -
catches and hinges, for small cabs, jump rings, granules and
whatever. I have a tiny rack next to my soldering bench that holds 6
of the boxes of 20 cans. I also use the cans for storing small
faceted stones.

Incidently - I cut my solder with a Joyce Chen shear. I cut inside a
plastic bag to keep the bits from jumping all over the studio. Don’t
use a Ziploc bag, the seal catches the bits. You can cut the seal off
so that you can pour out the solder bits into a can.

Judy Hoch, GG