Solar burnout

Do you know if anyone has done a solar burnout with magnifiying
glasses and maybe prisims and mirrors?

Thank you, Janis

try a metadata search using solar burnout as keywords. I’m guessing
the answer will be no unless it is some primitive form of shell
ivestment casting…fire yes, kilns yes, electricity assisted yes,
solar…not likely to penetrate the flask and be as complete as the
other methods mentioned…perhaps with a parabolic mirror and a few
dedicated eagle scouts holding mirrors and glasses for an extended
period, you may make it work…but as an advocate of solar power…
it’s not a likely application (putting it in a hot car in full sun
with windows rolled up may contribute to pre-heating the flask but
one would have to work quickly when concentrating the light waves
onto and into the investment ).


I have no doubt it can be done but you will need a rather large
(10-20 feet in diameter) parabolic mirror or array of mirrors and
the ability to track the sun with them. You will need to build an
insulated furnace shell that you can focus the light into and will
hold the flask and keep the heat from radiating away on the back
side. It would be a fun project but quite expensive and time
consuming to build.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Do you know if anyone has done a solar burnout with magnifiying
glasses and maybe prisims and mirrors? 

Its definatley do-able, buy a huge inexpensive fresnel lens to
concentrate the beam, the trick is to build a mechanism to track the
sun keeping the lens focused on the oven for x amount of time, if
you need that. Heck, you could probably build an effecient steam
dewaxer this way too. Here’s a link to give you an idea of what Im
talking about.

Or you could build a small parabolic mirror array to concentrate the
light as well… - funny site

Either way, the means to generate extreme temperatures inexpensively
are out there. Controlling that power, thats another question. This
brings up a safety issue, using this type of solar concentrator
requires appropriate gear, read up and use caution.