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Software for jewelers?


Hello everyone—

I am looking for software for jewelers – to do accounting,
inventory, mailing to customers, tracking jobs and shows — that
sort of thing. Does anyone know of such a thing?? I don’t want to
spend more than $100. Less would be great as I am a student.

Demetra Gayle



Jewelry designer manager sales for 89.95$. The software was on
demonstration at Rio’s Catalogue in motion. According to it’s
author, Barbara Carleton, It offers the ability to:

	Organize your jewelry parts inventory
	Determine the exact cost of each jewelry you create
	Keep track of vendors, customers and sales
	Print customizable reports

Email Barbara at: or visit
her website for interactive demo at:



a jewelry specific software package for under $100?? That is
probably asking a lot. I use MYOB, not sure what the cost is at this
point. It is a general accounting package, with or without payroll
that can be easily customized to fit specific needs. There are a lot
of templates for different types of businesses, then customize from
there. It can take care of customer and vendor lists, inventory,
payables and receivables. Jim


Yes, At the Rio show I found “Jewelry Designer Manager” which does
much of what you were asking for if not all, I haven’t had the chance
to really get into it because I’m trying to catch up from being away
at the show. It cost $90 and is very promising. Sam Patania, Tucson


Sorry, you won’t be able to get a program for less than $100, you’re
dreaming. Good programs designed for the jewelry industry start at

A good accounting program is QuickBooks and it costs $150 but won’t
track jobs.

If you’re a student, why do you need to track jobs? Just get your
work done on time!

So go buy QuickBooks Pro and you’ll be able to do everything you
said BUT track jobs.

David Geller


Critique of Jewelry Designer Manager from a user:

This is a great program for inventory needs, tracking jobs, customer
bases, etc. I use the packing list from it, but don’t use the
invoice because ours simply look better. The hardest part of the
software is inputting everything in the beginning. Most of us can’t
just stop working and input for hours or days at a time. You set up
each component by whatever unit you want. Then you have to input
every piece of jewelry you make. Once you get it all set up,
however, it is a great system. It alerts you when you are running
low of an item (as if we didn’t know!) and then you can print out an
order form.

I don’t use it for bookkeeping. I use Quicken for that.

Therese Hirko
Pterne Designs
Brandon, Mississippi


I have to agree with Jim. Getting what you are asking for for under
$100 is asking a log. I to went to MYOB, back at version 3 in 1993.
I have tried other packages, and even worked with a software
writer/ CPA to get a package I wanted. In the end I fell back to
MYOB. It was the only one that allowed me to manage my inventory.
It is not cheep, around $280 for a single user package now I think.
It will manage your inventory, sales, purchases, accounts
receivable, and accounts payable. you check book, and many other
things that you will need. It is very flexible. As such, it is
also a bit complicated to set up and use. It makes you really think
about your business, as it should. It is, in my opinion, the best
off the shelf package out there. If Quick Books ever came up with a
working inventory and manufacturing module, I might change my mind
but for now, go with MYOB.



Howdy, everyone - welcome back from Tuscon!

Does anyone know if this program can track consignment? I know this
has been mentioned as an issue in the past with various software
products, and I can’t tell from the website or virtual demo.

Thank you!

Jessica, who fell off her bike yesterday in SF and now has a big
bandage on her chin and fingers :{


Hi All; There are many good general accounting programs out there
that are “Shareware” and can be tried free, and usually these are far
less expensive to register than buying a popular program like
Quickbooks. QB has a fully functional trial version you can have and
use 15 times (don’t ask, I did and they didn’t have a good answer,
just have to find out what 15 times means), and then if you like it
and buy it, your data will transfer to the purchased version. MYOB
is a good general accounting program, and thier politics is a little
better than QB’s, in my opinion. As for Shareware, Medlin
Accounting is an excellent one, but it prints everything with
the otherwise nice checks and documents until you register it. You
can get the registered version for $45 a year (that gets you annual
updates of the tax schedules for all 50 states, but sorry, you folks
outside the US.). There are some “Freeware” programs too, just do a
web search with your favorite search engine. As for jewelry
specific, David Geller’s right, something aptly tailored for our
industry is pricey. You’re better off with QB or MYOB or a good
shareware/freeware program that provides documentation your
accountant can work with (most I’ve talked to prefer QuickBooks). Do
the work to configure the program to your needs. QB Pro edition has
just about everything you need, about $50 more than their basic
package. Look into taking a night class at a local community college
on how to use these programs, it’s closer to painless when you’re
among fellow sufferers (I hate learning new software). Good luck.

David L. Huffman


Hi, My booth was next to, at the
Rio Grande Catalog in Motion Show. This is an affordable easy to use
program with loads of features; for $90 you can go wrong. I use it
and highly recommend it.

One of my clients Eli Borochoff developed a program for higher end
stores and the diamond dealers and trade shops, Jewel Shop Pro. The
features include; exporting data from Quick Books, memos, layaway,
work envelopes, appraisals, catalog creation, bar code printing, and
much more. The price is $395.00. Another cool program is Rapaport
Price Calculator for your Pocket PC. Check it out at or call 212-398-3087

Cindy Lichfield
Cloud Dome, Inc.
P.O.Box 9
Lafayette, Colorado 80026
303-926-8999 * 800-609-8999
303-298-7645 fax

#11 I have been looking at this program for under
$2000.00. Seems to have alot for the money. I would be curious what
other people think as I know little about POS systems. Jerome


Quasar is a program that offers general accounting, invoicing, etc
and is free in it’s basic form.

It is available, I believe, for both MS Windows and Linux operating
systems. Moneydance is not free anymore, but it is cheap, and
available for free trial. Moneydance is similar to quicken, and
being Java-based, will run on any OS which runs Java.

Depending on the size of your business, it is also possible to track
inventory, income and expenses with spreadsheet programs like Excel,
StarOffice Calc, etc

Lee Einer