Soft green patina on copper

I am trying to get a soft green patina on copper that i have etched.
I have tried household ammonia, household ammonia and vinegar,
bleach (not mixed with anything!!), and vinegar, with little
success. What should i be doing?

Thanks! Patrice

Tim McCreights Complete Metalsmith offers a good green patina recipe.
You need sal amoniac, salt and ammonia mixed with water (I think it
may be a tbs of everything except the water, but my books at my
studio, so I am not sure). It gets sprayed on several times. You must
let it dry in between, so you can see and control how green the
piece gets.

Another green variation I learned in college- get a bucket fill with
saw dust and urine. Along those lines the cats litter will do the
same thing. Put your piece in, let it sit for a couple of days, and
then clean after removing and allowing to dry.

Melissa Stenstrom

Try buttermilk. I knew a decorator who “patinaed” copper accessories
with it regularly. It’s worth a try and non-toxic in any case.

Jax makes a patina solution specifically for turning copper green,
and I think it worked in 15 minutes or so. I got it through Rio, I am
sure many other suppliers sell it as well. Good luck!

Lisa W.

Patrice - did you ever get your patination recipe? I just realized I
have Jinks McGrath’s book on decorative finishes and there’s a
method in there. If you have not gotten a recipe already, I will
post it.