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Society of Jewelry Historians & Jewell Collect


I’m hoping this comes through to all who wrote inquiring about the other
two groups I’m involved with. The American Society of Jewelry Historians
is a fabulous group based out of New York, but has a membership 5-700
worldwide. It’s a conglomerate of jewelers, authors, dealers,
manufacturers, jewelry historians and collectors, curators, auctioneers,
student and hobbiest who all have some interest in jewelry. The SJH has
a newsletter, magazine, lectures and discounts on books, etc. In
addition, the Society is hosting the “19th Annual Antique & Period
Jewelry & Gemstone Conference”, this time in Rhode Island (formerly at
the University of Maine in Orono). For on this conference
(July 12-18th), and info on the Society, contact the Director Joyce
Jonas at 212-535-2479 or20 fax 212-988-0721. This is a really nice,
multifaceted group.

The JewelCollect is an email listserve, similar to this one. It’s
membership also is wide ranging, and although has a large concentration
on costume, vintage and collectible jewelry, has others involved, many
from the Society of Jewelry historians. Much discussion is devoted to
practical matters such as the ebay auction, buying & selling, repair &
materials, hallmarks on costume, silver, gold, etc. You can contact
them through the proprietor Isabelle Bryman who wons and operated Liz
Jewel collectables at or 20

Anything else, just let me know!

Gail Selig, G.G., M.Ed.