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Social Status

dear brooks - perhaps you should inform your fiancee that anyone
(having relatives & former in-laws ranging from [belgian] diplomat to
[westinghouse] physicist to legislative counsel to politician to
you-name-it, i do mean anyone!) can be educated into attaining a
level of proficiency in any corporate field. that’s why degrees are
so important on resumes: so hirers can tell if an applicant can at
least follow instructions! i do not say this with a derogatory
connotation but simply as empirical observations during long
associations with phds. however, while there are some jewelers with
adequate training to become ‘mechanics’ - setters of stones cut by
others into settings designed by others, a truly innovative,
appreciated “designer” must be born with certain attributes: hand to
eye coordination, a sense of perspective, a strong sense of balance,
confidence of self, and last but most important - a great deal of
TASTE & the intelligence to know when a design is complete!

ask your fiancee to name any former royal russian executives - or
even the current ceo of chase & then ask her who made the romanovs’
jeweled eggs. in your shoes i might wonder if a failure to respect
others’ expertise could conceal a defensive attitude based on
insecurity in one close to you.

good luck - ive