SoCal Orchid Dinner Update

Hi All, If you’ve not yet confirmed for the SoCal Orchid Dinner,
which will take place on November 1 in Santa Monica, it’s not too
late! Check the SoCal Orchid Dinner Information page for all the
details (maps, times, what to pay and how to pay it, etc.):

Also, Brad has now mounted a SoCal Orchid Dinner Silent Auction web
page ( where you can read about all
the items donated to help raise funds for Orchid. There are new
additions to the site frequently so check back every couple of days.

Since last weeks update, we’ve added two great auction items:

  1. Jewelry photographer Barry Blau has donated his services to shoot
    three jury-quality images, a value of $275 dollars. Check the
    Auction site for details and thank you Barry! To see examples of
    Barry’s great work, take a look at his website:

  2. Our own David Barzilay of “Lord of the Rings” is donating an
    opalized clam shell. Thank you David! A picture will be posted at
    the Auction site as soon as it’s available and I’m sure all the
    opalholics out there (myself included) will be waiting for this one.

We are still looking for additional donations for the Silent
Auction. If you are willing to donate an item or services valued at
$100 or more, please get in touch ASAP.

As always, if you have any questions, contact Beth at
<@Beth_Rosengard> or Brad at

Beth Rosengard & Brad Smith

Hi All, With new people joining the list every day, we thought it
might be a good idea to summarize where we are with the SoCal Orchid
Dinner. In brief, there will be a gathering of the Southern
California jewelry & metalsmithing community on Saturday, November
1st, at the Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica for the purposes of getting
to know one another, having fun, and raising funds to benefit Orchid.
All Orchid subscribers, Metal Arts Society of Southern California
(MASSC) members and jewelry/metalsmithing exhibitors at the
Contemporary Crafts Market are invited.

The cost of the dinner is $36 per person. Guests are welcome
until/unless we run out of space so, if you didn’t previously RSVP
for a guest, the sooner you get your check in the better (and be sure
to let us know your guest’s name). Make your check payable to Beth
Rosengard and send it TODAY! We must have a final count for the
restaurant well in advance. Mail to …

Beth Rosengard 857 S. Holt Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90035

Complete details (times, maps, directions, where to send checks,
etc.) can be found at

The fundraising effort for Orchid will take three forms the night of
the event itself: 1) donations taken at the door, 2) orders for
official Orchid jewelry memorabilia and 3) the SoCal Orchid Dinner
Silent Auction. Donations for the Silent Auction are coming in daily
so be sure to check the Silent Auction site frequently at New this week:

– A bangle bracelet featuring the lamp-worked glass beads of
Charlie Warner, whose work can be seen at <>

– An item (TBA) donated by jeweler, author and Ganoksin/Orchid
co-founder Charles Lewton-Brain: Over 500 pages of Charles’ writing:
Learning Center - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community Book and Video
descriptions: Gallery
page at:

– Jewelry by Nancy Jo Stroud (details pending).

Also, an image of Penny Harrell’s beautiful beaded necklace has now
been posted at the Auction site. Many thanks to all our donors!

We are still accepting additional donations (of items valued at $100
minimum) and will do so up until October 25, a week before the
dinner. If you have any questions, please contact either of us.

Beth Rosengard <@Beth_Rosengard>
Brad Smith

Hi All, It’s hard to believe but the SoCal Orchid Dinner is just 3
1/2 weeks away! Thanks to all of you who have already sent in your
checks (over 40 now accounted for). To the rest of you … time’s
flyin’, don’t put it off!

To anyone who isn’t already familiar with the details of the dinner,
which will take place on November 1 in Santa Monica, please check the
following site:

New Silent Auction ( items include

–a “Royal Rhodolite” garnet, 2.99 carat 9 x 7 checkerboard octagon
donated by Rick Martin, value $269. An image will be posted on the
Silent Auction site in a day or two, but for a peek at this beautiful
material, see heRe: Thanks,
Rick, and we’ll see you at the dinner!

–a GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaner, value $127, donated by Santa Monica’s
Bourget Jewelry Craft Supply ( Thanks

Also new on the Silent Auction site are images of the beautiful
jewelry creations donated by 2 Roses Studios and Charlie Warner.

Any questions? Contact either of us anytime.

Beth Rosengard <@Beth_Rosengard>
Brad Smith

Hi All, Two and a half weeks and counting down! It is not too late
to get in on the action. All you have to do is ante up $36 per
person and show up on November 1st at the Monsoon Cafe in Santa
Monica around 6:30 pm. All the details, including where to send
checks and how to find the restaurant, can be found at

There are a whole bunch of new Silent Auction donations to tell you
about, so here goes and THANK YOU ALL for your generosity:

– Microstamp ( has donated $150
towards the purchase of their great stamp products, courtesy of Bill

– Donna Schultze at Lasco Diamond Products
( has chipped in with a $259
Deluxe Set of diamond burs (44 pieces in assorted grits).

– Armik Malekian of Armix Computer and Laser Art
( has offered $100 towards the cost of
developing a jewelry model on his Computer Aided Design equipment or
producing a rapid prototype wax copy.

– Bella Findings (<>) has come through with
$100 worth of black cultured pearls, thanks to David Nemani.

– Larry McCoy has donated a 3.38 ct natural African zircon cut by
Gerry Galarneau and valued at $250.

– Another Gerry Galarneau-cut stone, an Arizona Verde Garden Agate
valued at $150, was donated by Linda & Bob Woods.

– Charles Lewton-Brain is donating TWO items for the auction. One
is a wall-mounted, copper, fold-formed sculpture valued at $400 and
the other is a set of four of his books! An image of the sculpture
was just posted on the Auction site.

– And finally, we’re awaiting the details, but a donation from
Alan Revere of the Revere Academy (
is forthcoming!

We’re posting the new contributions on the auction site
( as fast as we can so check it
often. An image of Nancy Jo Stroud’s charming “Pearl Girl” necklace
is now available. Also, special thanks to Rick Martin. Last week we
announced that Rick had donated a custom cut “Royal Rhodolite”
octagon-shaped stone. Well … it “took a walk” in the grass outside
his home, where he was set up to shoot a picture for us, and hasn’t
been seen since. Despite this (hopefully temporary) loss, Rick has
donated another gorgeous stone (image now posted): a modified
diamond-shaped beauty of the same material.

That’s it for now. As always, if you have any questions, contact
either of us.

Beth Rosengard <@Beth_Rosengard>
Brad Smith

Hi All, This is the last pre-event post because it all happens this
Saturday, November 1! We hope you’re among the Orchidians, MASSC
members and CCM exhibitors who will be joining us for what promises
to be a great evening of meeting, greeting and eating. If you’re not
able to make it, we promise a post-event report and hopefully
pictures as well.

While it is now too late to send in a check for the dinner, you may
still attend and pay at the door, providing that you notify Beth
Rosengard ( by noon on Friday, October 31.

For those who are coming, just ask at the Monsoon Cafe for the
Orchid event and you’ll be directed to our private room. Directions
and maps to the restaurant are posted at but in case you need
to phone for some reason, the number is 310-576-9996.

Don’t forget to bring cash or checks so you can bid in the Silent
Auction. The auction website is about as updated as it’s going to
get, so check it out in advance and get ready for the action
( Thanks again to all of the
generous individuals and businesses who contributed items or

See you on Saturday!

Beth Rosengard <@Beth_Rosengard>
Brad Smith