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SoCal Harvest Market festival

Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d let my Southern California Orchid friends know that
for the next two or three Sundays I’ll be at the Harvest Market on
Honolulu Street in downtown Montrose California…(exposing myself
as it were).

It’s quite a charming little place all tree lined and pedestrian on
Sundays and they have an open air jazz band of older gents who play
classics with skill and enthusiasm. Just plain congenial. Montrose
is in the La Canata-Flintridge latitudes, take the Ocean View exit
off the 210 & it’s all downhill from there, three lights and then

I’m there showing jewelry and for that matter making it on my
transformed $4.99 writing desk-cum-transportable-workbench; Carol
Bova’s there showing stones including opals that I’ve cut and
tourmaline and amethyst and slabs and - and - and. I’ll have the
Canadian Discovery Channel series “Stones of Fate & Fortune” running
on the video and would be delighted to have Orchideans who may be in
the area drop by to get acquainted and chat, the more so since I’m
heading back soon to New Brunswick Canada where there is only a
single other Orchidean that I know of.

Hans Durstling
still in sunny Sunland CA