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Soapstone Sink

There’s a great old 9 ft soapstone sink in the space we just leased.
I plan to sand it and then add Thompson’s waterseal or WaterLox - does
anyone have a better idea for preserving it? Thanks, Russell

Russell’s of Camden
20 Main St.
Camden, Maine 04843

Russell, suggest you try Vic International Corporation, phone (800)
423-1634. They will talk with you and advise which of their many
products may work best for your use. I use their Lithofin VIC for
slate. It waterproofs and leaves a nice matte finish while enhancing
the colors. Enjoy. Roy-

Russell, I don’t think the soapstone needs any protection. Soapstohe
sinks have been used in Chemistry labs for over 100 years. They are
essentially impervious to everything. They are somewhat “tender”, so
they can be scarred by mechanical abuse. But anything you coat it
with will be much more readily attacked than the soapstone itself.
Sand it down smooth and enjoy it’s classic beauty for as long as you
live. Regards…Bob Williams

For surfaces like counter tops I saw them use mineral oil. They
apply a coat, wait 3 days, apply a coat and wait a few days. They
repeat until they get the depth of color they want. This was on one
of those home improvement shows where I never get time to practice
what I see. Steve Ramsdell

Hi Russell, I’ve got a soapstone sink and counters in my
kitchen and the only thing I treat it with is mineral oil. As
far as your sink goes you probably wouldn’t need to treat it with
anything since soapstone is impervious to acids and such. Wow, 9
feet, sounds like a wonderful shop sink! Lisa

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