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So how's your QuickBooks looking?


How’s Your QuickBooks looking?

For many of you tax returns are due in just a few weeks (October
15th, 2013

Are you ready for the accountant?

I’m here to help you get your QuickBooks straight if you are doing
your tax return now for the extension you filed way back April 15th.


Just maybe you need some QuickBooks tweaking altogether.

Your QuickBooks program should have the correct numbers for:

Product Sales

Product Cost of Goods (by the way, cost of goods it NOT the cost of
what you paid for today but the cost of the product when it was
bought long ago).

Shop sales, broken down by Repairs/Customer Design/Watch Repair &

Cost of materials and the Shop Cost of Goods. (This is the of
materials you bought and jewelers pay checks).

Sales tax payable

Customers deposits - Accounts receivables by your customers (I hope
you don’t do that anymore) and others

A properly setup QuickBooks gives you a profit and loss statement
that helps the store

Does yours?

If you have any point of sale program I can help you with reports to
run that your accountant may not know that should be in QuickBooks

“Sales” are not the daily deposits into the checkbook, sorry.

Do you use The Edge or Jewelry Shopkeeper? I work almost exclusively
with jewelers having these programs. They can (many people do) have
them post/export your sales numbers right into QuickBooks for you.
Takes 45 seconds each morning. Seconds. Saves you hours of work.

If you have another program that doesn’t post into QuickBooks, no
worries, that can be entered manually to look just like the P&L

So if you; your bookkeeper or your accountant needs your QuickBooks
setup for a jewelry store give me a call. I’ll connect through the
Internet right to your computer and fix/adjust and train your from my
desk to yours.

If you’d like to see how a chart of accounts should be setup for a
jewelry store, click below sentence and you’ll go to my website and
you can print it. [PDF file]

So give me a call or send me an email and we’ll get together.


I strongly suggest you get into the 21st century. If you’re not
using it now and you hand write checks (and then give the stubs to
your accountant) you’ll save time (you’re doing half of their work
for them right now) and save money. You’ll get a better P&L than they
could ever do for you

Many banks can download transactions right into QuickBooks so you
can see when a check or deposit cleared or see things you forgot to
enter (like heath insurance premiums taken the first of the month or
credit card fees).

Another cool feature with QuickBooks you can download your American
Express charges and other credit cards as well right into QuickBooks.
After a bit of training to QuickBooks, the program will remember in
the future that Shell Oil is “auto expenses” and Office Depot is
"office supplies". Very accurate, quick and saves you a ton of time
end of month.

I’ll make the Jewelers QuickBooks file for you and install it on
your computer, get your started and train you (you still have to own
a copy of QuickBooks Pro).

If you have QuickBooks right now and think its a mess, happy to give
you 15 minutes of a free “look & see” to see what you’re doing and
show you how it can be improved.

What’s the whole point of this? Simple-to get you the information
that you can understand so you can run your store better every day.

Let me know if I can help. Email me or call, I reserve afternoons
after lunch, east coast time to assist jewelers with their

(404) 255-9565

David Geller