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Snap-tite and pre-notched settings

I am interested in finding the manufacturer of snap-tite or similar
snap-in settings. I know the jewelers will cringe about this, but
there is a market in my area for inexpensive jewelry. This is a
depressed area and not many people can afford expensive jewelry. I
need to buy the snap-tite settings at wholesale. Does anyone know
where I can buy these types of settings at wholesale? I am also
interested in finding a wholesale distributor for pre-notched
jewelry settings. Thanks for your help

I would recommend Tripp’s Manufacturing or
1-800-545-7962. They are set up to supply folks who are looking to
fill the market you mentioned. They have a fairly good selection of
pre-notched settings and inexpensive stones. There is even a kit
they sell to get you started. The best supplier I have found for
CZ’s and lab-grown rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and tanzanite is
Theodore Pehnec Imports or 714-537-0473. Very
large selection at the best prices I’ve seen for good looking
stones. – Epaul Fischer Gryphon Song Creations


  I am interested in finding the manufacturer of snap-tite or
similar snap-in settings. 
Check out Rio Grande catalog page 320.  Both sterling and GF are

sold. Prices are supposed to be wholesale. Tripps also carries
this type of head, but I don’t have the catalog handy. Their
website should be of assistance. Fire Mountain Gems
( catalog shows pendants & earrings with Snap-tite
mountings. Cross check prices though. Fire Mtn discounts for
quantity, but it may not be quite wholesale. Hope this helps,

Judy in Kansas
Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936

There is a company called Lees Mfg. Co in Centredale, Rhode Island
Their Phone number is (401) 353 1740.

There is also another company called HAB that sells that and I
believe they are located in Rhode Island. I do not have the phone

I had also donated a small bag of these to the auction for the NY
Orchid dinner that was last week. It might still be available and
the donation would go to Orchid. If interested in those contact Joel
Scwab at .

Diane Sadel

Teh best pre-notched settings source I’ve found is Tripp’s
Manufacturing. Their number is 1-800-545-7962. They have a very
extensive selection.

Janet Kofoed

Hoover & Strong makes a “tru-seat” setting that has seats already
stamped in the prongs. This is the standard cup setting used in stud
earrings and pendants as well as for remounts. Check pages 139-142
in their 1998/99 catalog.