SNAG's Executive Director

Over the recent years that Dana Singer has been the executive
director of SNAG I have engaged in several conversations with her, by
email, on the telephone, and in person. It has always been a very
enjoyable experience, as well as a productive and rewarding dialogue.

She is a person I have felt confident in expressing my views to, and
sharing my opinions with, concerning our organization, and also
Metalsmith as a publication and its editorial content or direction.

I consider Dana to be a wonderful asset to all of the membership of
SNAG, for her personality and professionalism, as well as her insight
and experience, which certainly transcends my own limited perceptions
and perspective as a studio artist.

I feel privileged to consider her a friend, and I would like to
commend her work as an advocate for all of the many diverse and
divergent voices within SNAG, and the metalsmithing community at

Many thanks Dana, for the invaluable contribution you make!

Michael David Sturlin

I just wanted to add my voice to those who have spoken highly of
Dana Singer, SNAG’s executive Director. Dana has not only piloted
the organization with skill, passion and diplomacy, but she has also
somehow managed to remain objective and accessible to the membership.

It is rare to see this type of dedication and insight to an
organization of-- primarily --makers by someone who is not them self

Andy Cooperman

I definietly want to add my 2c on behalf of Dana Singer, SNAG’s
Executive Director having worked very closely with her for 4 years
as a member of SNAG’s Board of Directors. Dana is all the things that
Andy says and much more. She is the epitomy of professionalism and
diplomacy. She is truly listening to the field as a whole. She works
tirelessly on our behalf. She cares deeply. And, as if that weren’t
enough, she is a fabulous person. After long hours around the board
table, her company at dinner was always delightful. We are lucky to
have her. Thanks, Dana!

Jan Baum

I want to add my voice to those who’ve already written about Dana
Singer’s role as Executive Director of SNAG. I am not a Board Member
nor do I currently sit on any committees for SNAG. My relationship
with Dana is simply that of a general member of the organization.

Dana took the helm of SNAG and has directed the organization through
some interesting times. Her guidance has injected an infusion of
calm wisdom and continuity into an organization that, but dint of
it’s volunteer Boards with limited terms, had been in need of this
kind of leadership.

As a member of SNAG I have been most grateful, over the years of
Dana’s participation, for her warmth and expertise. Her tenure as
Executive Director has, and hopefully will continue to be, one of
the best adventures SNAG has instituted. I look forward to many
future illuminating conversations with Dana and many years of
benefits to SNAG derived from her presence.

Linda Kaye-Moses