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where is SNAG going to be this year? Isn’t this the"west coast"
year- i know they have it one one side of the country one year,
and the other side the next-

Anne Stickney

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<< where is SNAG going to be this year? Isn’t this the"west coast"
year- i know they have it one one side of the country one year,
and the other side the next- >>

I believe it will be New Mexico ( Albuquerque & Santa Fe) April
16-19. There are supposed to be some workshops in Taos & Santa
Fe, too (Apr. 12-15 & 20-23)

Albuquerque NM, April 16/19…There will be pre- and post-
conference workshops in Taos and Santa Fe. The location for the
conference in ABQ is the Hyatt Regency. Check the magazine
Metalsmith for more particulars. BTW I will be offering basic
and advanced hydraulic die forming workshops that are part of
the conference. Check out my website for more info (in the Learn
section) Lee Marshall Bonny Doon Engineering

Is anybody attending SNAG this month? I would love to hook up
with some other Orchid Members. Is there a pin available? Don’t
know what the result was of that thread.


Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Karen, I’m going to SNAG and to the 3 days of workshops prior to
that. You can e-mail if you like, and we can try to get together.
I don’t know what happened to the Orchid labels, wither.


I am attending SNAG but not the workshops. I am staying at the
hotel where the conference is being held from the 24 thru the 31st.
If we are all arriving on the 24th, perhaps we can meet for drinks
that night before the conference begins. Will we get any kind of
schedule of events before we arrive? Deb

Hi Deb, Is this your 1st SNAG???could u please tell me more about
it ,I’m craving for info concerning this conference.Thankssss!

Hi Karen, I’ve debated myself going to the SNAG conference, and
when I called they did not give me much info about it. Is this
your 1st one? what are the workshops going to be about? Please
send me some news about the conference maybe I’ll still have time
to change my mind.Thanksssss! Biba, SF.

Deb, I called one of the Seatle SNAG people today, and she said
that we wouldn’t get any kind of schedule up front, that
everything will be included in the registration packet. I think
it will be great fun to meet other Orchiders. I am also staying
at the conference hotel, from the 22nd-30th. Let’s all meet. Ruth

SNAG is the annual meeting of members (and non) of the Society of
North American Goldsmiths. I have been attending since 1991, when
as a neophyte metalsmither taking a jewelry adult ed class, signed
up and went to Atlanta, GA. The first speaker was Albert Paley who
with his six carousels of slides and approchable manner, completely
blew me away with his work. Albert Paley began his talk with a
slide of the first piece of jewlery he ever made. After that talk,
I knew I wanted to apply for art school.

Over the years the talks have varied from outstanding to out right
poor. But the friends I have made and the wonderful jewlery people
have worn, have been well worth the expense every year. I love the
pin swap and I have years of whimiscical and colorful pins which I
both wear and decorate my studio. Look for Headpins and you will
have found me.

This years event in Seattle looks terrific and I hope to meet many
Orchiders there.

Soon to be Sleepless in Seattle,


Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801



I just heard that the SNAG conference is full and has a wait list
of 200.

      Is this your 1st SNAG???could u please tell me more about
it ,I'm craving for info concerning this conference. 

I’m afraid it is my first SNAG. However, the friend I am rooming
with has been several times. Feel free to e-mail me off list at with any specific questions. I will answer them
if I can. - Deb

Are any Orchidians attending SNAG? If so, come by during the
pin swap for a teapot pin!

Karen Christians
416 Main St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

See you soon Karen. Too bad I didn’t get more Orchid pins from
Elaine when I saw her at MJSA. She was gone before I thought to
ask. Hey Rolf , are you still mad that mine is goldplated and you
only got the brass??? If you are in the St. Louis Area stop by
the Frontenac Hilton and visit the SNAG conference. May 26-29 I
posted the conference schedule on my website
htm I will post photos when I

I got back from SNAG on Sunday and had a great time. The wonderful
thing about SNAG is that it gets me going in different directions.
Lilly Yeh, the keynote speaker was the perfect example. She is not a
metalsmith so both she and probably most of us wondered why she was
there at all. The topic on which she spoke was also very obliquely
related to metalsmithing. I read the title “The Transformative Power
Of Art” ( and I don’t have the SNAG schedule in front of me, in
true fashion I don’t know where it is so don’t crucify me if I’m off
somewhat) and thought, OK, here we go SNAG!!! Lilly was FANTASTIC.
After her I thought I had not been doing enough to help others,
which may be my parochial up bringing or my current self deprecating
state of mind, or it really was Lilly being wonderful. She was not
only a very compelling speaker her work is really transforming
people and places for the much better. Maybe that is why I am an
artist after all. I must think more on her talk, and have concluded
who ever got her to speak had a higher purpose. Lee Marshall, if you
are reading this, you are great to work with and I
want everyone to know it. Lee has helped me immensely. More later.

I have to agree I felt a bit confused by the selection of Lily Yeh
as the keynote speaker, but the standing ovation spoke for itself.
SNAG conferences have been great head checks and priority realigners
for me and the sneaky COMA really enhanced that by lining up so many
inspiring speakers who lead beautifful lives. Jeff Wise, Bobby
Hanson, and Sam Shaw were a couple others that were great to hear
from, but as always, time in cafes and bars with old and new friends
was a highpoint. Wish I could’ve met more of you there! -jo nelson

Hi all, I’m finally getting over my jet-lag, I’ve sorted out the tons
of notes I took during workshops and presentations, and I’m still
feeling exhilarated and excited about all the new things I learned
and all those wonderful people I met. It was really worth the money
and the travel ! I’m amazed I could talk to so many “famous” artists
and they were all so nice and helpful. The workshop I took with Deb
Stoner (“making a spectacle”) was wonderful ! And I’m cherishing all
the pins I “swapped”. I can finally put a face on the names I read
every day on the Orchid-list which makes it even more interesting.
Charles Lewton-Brain (I “won” one of your objects at the silent
auction!!! ), Karen Christians, Peter Rowe (thanks for walking me to
the restaurant and being my table-partner), Joel Schwalb , and so
many other interesting people:thank you for everything. Hope to read
you every day and to see you next year.

Linda Savineau