SNAG & stamps

First I am interested in other metal artists opinion of SNAG and
is it worthwhile to attend this year. Second, does anyone have an
address for ording a personalized stamp for stamping my metal
pieces. Thank You for this



I purchased my stamp some years ago from H.A. Evers Co. I’m
not sure of their address, but I believe it was in Rhode Island.

Tim Glotzbach
Eastern Kentucky Univ.

In regard to a personal stamp, try Harper Manufacturing
Co.-“custom jewelry stamps”- at 1-800-776-8407. The address
is:3050 Westwood Dr. #B-5, Las Vegas, NV. 89109 Hope this helps,

stamp - I believe Rio Grande offers custom stamps, or maybe it
is Indian Jewelers Supply…I know one of them has them.

SNAG - I went to my first conference last year and really
enjoyed it. It’s a great way to connect with other jewelers,
see old friends, make new ones. Some of the presentations were
terrific, some were dull as hell. My advice is to go to all of
them but sit near the door. - Deb

Hi Marci, I use Sparks Steel Stamps in Long Island City New
York to make all my stamps and my customer stamps. they are very
fast and if necc. can turn around a high quality stamp in about
24 hrs. Sorry, i don’t have their phone number as i am in the
process of moving my casting co. to a new bldg and the phone
number is there. Visit the workshop … Sincerely, Daniel Grandi

HI, Rio does make custom stamps, they made mine and did a great
job. I meet with the man who makes them when I was at the
Tucson show and he was a great help. I believe the cost was in
line with all the other names that have been mentioned. Eileen

I second the Harper recommendation. I called them and faxed my
design to tham while on the phone. They estimated a 2 week wait
due to orders in the works. I waited 3 weeks and no stamp… The
Post office lost the stamp between NV and CA. Harper made
another and had it to me via Fed Ex over the weekend. The first
stamp has yet to arrive. 1 year later. Moral, go Fed Ex

If only women came with pull-down menus and on-line help


Marci and all, SNAG (the Society of North American Goldsmiths)
conferences are great for meeting other metalsmiths and getting
inspiration. I have been to almost all of them since 1984. (I
missed two) Each year I meet new friends (and old) and recharge
my enthusiasm for the metals field. The conference isn’t just
about lectures but a gathering of souls who share a common
interest. The location changes each year so the attendees will
also vary from year to year. If it is in your area please try to
attend. We also feature a Supplier room with approximately 24
booths featuring gems, tools, refiners, demonstrations, casting,
hydraulic press and books. If you are in the St. Louis area and
would like to visit the Supplier room let me know and I will
arrange a special pass for you. The SNAG Auction items will be
displayed in the room and auctioned off during a Supplier Party
on Friday night. Half the Auction proceeds go directly into the
SNAG Educational Endowment. I have a SNAG section on my website.
The direct link to the page is
This gives a little more detail about the conference this year.
If you have a fax I can fax the conference brochure to you.