SNAG Sponsors Third Annual Breakfast at ACC Baltimore

January 22, 2003
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dana Singer (406) 728-5248


Cindy Lichfield, inventor of the Cloud Dome photography systems,
will prese nt The Cloud Dome System: Images in the Digital Age for
the Third Ann ual SNAG breakfast at ACC Baltimore, Thursday February
20, 2003, 8:00 a.m.

Using a computer, digital camera and the Cloud Dome, Lichfield will
address ways to photograph work with a digital camera and send
pictures electronic ally. Topics include high-quality image
compression and suitable drop shad ow effects manipulated in
Photoshop and other photography software. She wi ll also provide
written tips for documenting small-scale jewelry and hollow are.

Lightweight and portable, the Cloud Dome creates ideal photographic
lightin g environment, ensuring professional quality photographs. The
device also e nables professional photographers to take high-quality
tabletop shots witho ut time-consuming lighting setups.

Made of high-impact, non-yellowing Plexiglas, with a top-mounting
camera br acket, the Cloud Dome diffuses ambient light, creating even
lighting in any setting. It eliminates common photography problems
such as reflections, h ot spots, and unwanted shadows, and is
especially effective in low-light.

The sole focus of our annual breakfast is to address topics of
immediate relevance to the jewelers and metalsmiths in Baltimore
during the show, said Dana Singer, SNAG Executive Director. Every
single maker confro nts photography issues, and one of the hottest
products on the market right now is the Cloud Dome system. We could
not think of a better match for t his years breakfast.

All jewelry and metals exhibitors and show attendees are invited to
come to this open event. Past breakfast topics included a panel
discussion on sur viving the recession, and on health
insurance. Information abo ut the Cloud Dome system will be
available at the breakfast along with comp limentary copies of the
Winter 2003 issue of Metalsmith.

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