SNAG March 8-11, 2000

Are any fellow Orchidians planning on attending the SNAG
conference in Boston this year? It runs from March 8-11, 2000
at the Royal Sonesta Hotel #617-806-4255 there are special rates
for attendees $ 135.00 for a double or single room. Several of
the topmetalsmiths in the country will be lecturing such as
Boris Bally, Bruce Metcalf, Joe Wood , and J.Fred Woell just to
name a few. Cheapflight are available on American airlines vis
the internet to Boston. There are Gallery Tours, Two Banquets,
the Silent Auction, a Vendors Room, a Connections Room for
Educationial and Gallery a Pin Swap and much more.
I hope to see some of my fellow Orchidians at the convention?
Sincerely, Jennifer Paolinelli

Jennifer - yes, I plan to attend the SNAG conference this year
for the first time. I’ll be staying with my son who lives in
Boston. If anyone has recommendations of events that are a
must, please let us know. I, too, hope to meet many of the
Orchid members there. Did anyone ever get together some
kind of Orchid sticker? Gini

Gini and others, I will be at the SNAG conference as well and
hope to meet some of the Orchidians who have shared so much with
us all. Alan Revere

there will be two ’ non American top metalsmiths’ lecturing at this

JANE ADAM,  from Birmingham, ( U.K ) and,
 PIERRE CAVALAN, from France/ Australia.

Pierre, bijoutier sans frontieres

Metalwerx has been greatly involved in volunteering their efforts
to make this a wonderful conference. If you are planning to
attend, I will be spearheading the Pin Swap with my Millenium
Furniture pins. I encourage all of you who are coming, to make
some fun pins. You can make anywhere from 10-50, the more you
give, the more you get back.

On my badge will be the label Orchid which I plan to have extras
on hand. Although Metalwerx will be closed for the conference, I
will be glad to take some interested people to Metalwerx and show
you around.

If you need some advice for good local restaurants or things
to do while you are there, please let me know.


Any would be helpful and greatly appreciated we are
college students on a budget.
Sincerely,Jennifer Paolinelli

Although this is my first conference I hear that the banquets
are great for networking as well as the discussion room. The
lectures will be teriffic and informitative. I was lucky enough
to get into a pre-conference workshop with Joe Wood on
Computer modeling. Hope to see you there, Jennifer Paolinelli

Do you have a detailed schedule ready for the conference? Is
the Wed. evening Pin Swap the first ‘official gathering’? Are
there lectures/demos on Thursday (and Friday?)? Is the Gallery
Tour in the evening? What’s on the agenda for the day time of
Friday and Saturday? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you! Stacy Bogdonoff

SNAG is planning eight booksigning at the Boston conference.
Once the authors have all confirmed I will let you know who they
are so that you can bring your copies of their books to be
signed. You will also be able to purchase copies there is you so
desire. SNAG’s official bookservice company is Chester Book
Comapny, accessible on line.

Alos for students who are not SNAG members, the rate is $40 for
U.S. citizens and $53 for foreign members. I would point out that
a students membership saves you $50 off the student registration
fee! What a deal and a magazine and newsletter to boot.

Thanks, Jan Baum, SNAG Board of Directors

Anyone wanting more specific about the SNAG
conference in Boston March 8- 11 can either pick up a current
issue of Metalsmith magazine (local newstand, Barnes & Noble) or
contact Liz Lenard at the SNAG Business Office at for a conference application/flyer.
There is a registration deadline of February 10th and
registration after that time require a late fee. In the recent
past conferences have sold out and people were turned away. This
one is very promising. One of the events happening at this
conference is the Connections Room event where 24 representatives
from all levels of educational programs will be available to talk
with interested/propsective students. The list to date includes:

(1) Appalachian Center forCraft, contact person: Bob Coogan
Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, contact person: Ana Lopez
(2) Bowling Green State University, contact person: Tom Muir
California College of Arts and Crafts, contact person: Marilyn da Silva
(3) da Silva Metal Design Studio, contact person: Jack da Silva
Haystack, contact person: Stuart Kestenbaum
(4) Interlaken School of Art, contact person: Pauline Banducci
Meyer School of Art, contact person: Heather White
(5) Oregon College of Art and Craft,contact person: Christine Clark
Penland School of Crafts, contact person: Suzanne Pugh
(6) Revere Academy, contact person: Christine Dhein
San Diego State University, contact person: Helen Shirk
(7) School of Jewelry, Birmingham, contact person: Norman Cherry
So. Illinois University, Carbondale, contact person: Richard Mawdsley
(8) SUNY New Paltz, contact person: Jamie Bennett
Syracuse University, contact person: Barbara Walter
(9) Texas Tech University, contact person: Robly Glover
Towson University, contact person: John Fix
(10) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, contact person: Billie Theide
University of Kansas, contact person: Lin Stanionis
(11) University of Mass., Dartmouth, contact person: Susan Hamlet
University of North Dakota, contact person: Tara Stephenson
(12) University of Toledo, Ctr. for Visual Arts, contact: Nicole Jacquard
Worcester Center for Crafts, contact person: Sarah Nelson
Center For Creative Studies, contact person, Tom Madden

Thanks.Jan Baum, SNAG Board of Directors