SNAG exhibition open to all

Hi All, SNAG is holding an exhibition in concert with the 2003 SNAG
conference. Their initial announcement said US only, but after a few
emails the news is good for all. You don’t even have to be a SNAG
member to enter this show, but you will likely have to pay for your
shipping to and from the exhibition. best, Charles

Here is the info:

b i g LITTLE : Jewelers and Sculptors Making it in Metal

A juried exhibition celebrating the depth and breadth of contemporary
metalsmithing, in conjunction with Making It in Metal - The SNAG 2003
Conference in San Francisco, California. Open to all jewelers,
metalsmiths and metal sculptors working primarily in metal and
jewelry related design and fabrication.

 M a y   1 2  -  J u n e   2 7,   2 0 0 3
 C r a f t  &  C u l t u r a l   A r t s   G a l l e r y
 State of California Office Building - Atrium
 1515 Clay Street
 Oakland, CA  94612

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2003.

For prospectus send SASE to: Kate Short, c/o, bigLITTLE, P.O. Box
23411, Oakland, CA 94623-0411.

For more contact Deborah Lozier at or

also, on another note, the Niche competition deadline to get slides
in is Aug 31. In reading their eligibility criteria it looks like
this too is open to anyone without national boundaries (over 21) who
sells through galleries and craft stores. There is a pdf entry form


The deadline for the 2003 NICHE Awards competition is August 31st.
Entries that are postmarked by August 31 will be accepted. If you
have not yet received an application, you can download it from or, to have one faxed to you, email your fax
number to with the words “NICHE Application
Request” in the subject line.

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