SNAG Conference

Hello All –

Well – I have just returned from the SNAG conference and it was the
first time I had been to one. I have to say, I had the most
wonderful time and met some of the most fantastic people!! It was the
first time I had ever been around so many people all in one place that
shared the same interests, fascinations, and loves that I have – and
everyone was great!!

I spent way too much time in the vendor rooms – left some of my
(green) stuff and walked out with some of theirs (both heavy metal
and pretty colors!!). I am drooling over Phil Poirer and Lee
Marhsall’s new deep draw hydraulic press and I can’t wait to get ready
for Denver next year – I’ll know what to expect and will be prepared.

MANY thanks to all of you who work so hard to put that conference
together – it is worth every moment you spend agonizing over the
details and losing sleep – I am truely grateful for your efforts.

And for those of you whom I finally met – it was great putting faces
to everyone’s posts – such a treat.


Hello all The thread about summer instruction got me thinking about
the upcoming SNAG conference here in Denver, CO. The conference held
June 12-16, is hosted by the Colorado Metalsmiths Association. There
are about 15 pre- and post-conference workshops, each usually 3 days
long, including many national experts (and list members). The
conference itself features local, national and internationally know
presenters (see the SNAG website or go to and click on SNAG 5280). In
addition to the workshops and presenters, there will be gallery
tours, banquet/dancing, silent auction, exhibitions and vendors.
This looks like a great opportunity to learn and network in a great
location. Hope to see fellow Orchidians there. Marlin Cohrs

Additional about the upcoming SNAG conference can be
found on SNAG’s web site at:


Jan Baum
SNAG Board of Directors

 Hello all The thread about summer instruction got me thinking
about the upcoming SNAG conference here in Denver, CO. 

Speaking of which, I just got around to registering (wasn’t
previously sure I’d be able to take the time off), and am wondering
if anyone who’s already registered and has a room reserved, would
like to share? I haven’t yet reserved a room, and would prefer to
share in order to keep costs down. The more the merrier, right?
Don’t need privacy. Just bedspace, access to the shower, stuff like
that… I don’t smoke, and would prefer someone who also doesn’t
smoke. Other than that? No restrictions I can think of… Anyone?
I’ll need to make these plans quickly, as the Hotel won’t hold the
room block beyond tomorrow, and I’d prefer to be in the conference

Peter Rowe

Hi all, Just back from the SNAG conference and a workshop afterwards.
I am still sorting out all the that’s stuffed in my head
right now. I met wonderful people, learned a lot of new things,
enjoyed all the lectures, inspiration was boosted, got to hang out
with interesting people, … The 2 workshops I took (“Enameling in
the round” and “Etching”) were amazing. The pin swap was a lot of
fun. Seems that every year I have to make more pins! Can’t wait for
next year! Have to get to the bench now and put everything in
practice! Hope to read you all on Orchid. Have a great and creative
summer, Linda Savineau