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[Snag] 3rd Annual Connections Room Event

Hello Orchid Addicts,

Here is some about an event you might find interesting.
Any questions can be sent to me at @Baum_Jan Thanks, Jan Baum
SNAG Board of Directors

3rd Annual Connections Room Event

The third annual Connections Room event will be happening at the
Denver conference, June 12-15, 2002. The Connections Room is a
2-hour event where the following activities take place. At the
Education Connection approximately 40 educators from across the
country representing a wide range of educational institutions ,
non-degree programs as well as college & university programs, are
available to meet with prospective students and distribute
literature about educational opportunities in. A prominent group of
gallery owners and professional metalsmiths will be conducting
portfolio reviews for emerging artists at the Emerging Artist
Connection. At the Marketplace Connection, representatives are
available to discuss various options for making a living in the
field and distribute about the opportunities that they

And NEW this year is the Employment Connection, a place where
business owners within the field, small or large, can interview
potential employees for a wide variety of positions ranging from
benchworkers, production assistants, and managers to sales staff,
gallery directors, etc…

The February issue of SNAG News contains a full page ad for this
event. Educators need to register using the registration form found
at the bottom of the full page ad in SNAG News. Please xerox,
complete and mail. Space is limited so act NOW.

Emerging Artists will be able to pre-register for one portfolio
review beginning March 1st by contacting Susan Myers at

Business Owners in the field who are interested in participating in
the Employment Connection should also contact Susan Myers at

Any questions, concerns or suggestions can be sent to Jan Baum at
@Baum_Jan or (410) 704-2800.

See you in Denver! Jan & Susan