SNAG 06 Chicago

For those who are wondering how SNAG 06 is going –

It’s going very well! I have a nice selection of swaps, the vendor
room is enticing many away from, well, anything else they might
think of doing.

Have you seen the Dilbert cartoon where he’s walking past “Electron
Hut,” and his clothes are pulled off as he tries to resist the urge
to go in? The shop keeper says, “Yeah, we get a lot of naked
engineers in here.”

It’s like that with folks at the conference and the vendor room!

I’m too tired to go on at length, but the speakers are interesting,
the “Open Spaces” (the new break out sessions) are being created and
in general there’s lots of wonderful energy and ideas swirling

The Kiff Slemmons show is very neat – she asked 18 metalsmiths to
send her stuff from their studios – some “hopeless” piece and then
she “finished” them. And the reception, in the “Tiffany Room,” – it
has some other name but no one calls it that – at the Chicago
Cultural Center – was just lovely.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

A message to anyone at Snag… I couldn’t get there this year, but
if someone would be willing to send me an envelope full of all those
nifty postcards (the ones with professional photos of jewelry on
them), my high school Jewelry Manufacturing classroom walls would
sure be grateful. I’ll send you a check for postage and handling!

Wendy Woldenberg
Jewelry Instructor
Auburn Riverside High School
501 Oravetz Road
Auburn, WA 98092

Thank you VERY much,