Smooth sheet wax

Hi Christine, I make most of my jewelry from soft wax, but the
designs I make entail filigree or ornate pieces that don’t have a lot
of flat surfaces. I think Kerr makes the best wax and none of my
sheets have any scratches at all, they are perfectly smooth.
Sometimes I will use a product called solitine. I’m not sure if they
make it anymore but there are similar products on the market. I just
dip a Q-tip in it and apply where necessary. Then I run my finger or
a kleenex over it to absorb any excess. But you can’t get carried
away or it will eat your wax. Not seeing what you’re trying to make,
it’s hard to tell what the problem is. But maybe your design lends
itself more to hard wax, which is what I would use for a more
contemporary design that had a lot of flat surfaces. This wax you can
file and polish and you don’t have to worry about scarring the

Hope this helps.