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Smiths little torch & oxygen concentrator



Does any know if the smiths little torch can be run from Propane and
an Oxygen concentrator? I don’t want to invest in a bottle oxygen

Could it be used even with a compressed air supply via a small pump?
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.



Yes it works fine, I run a big glass torch on a concentrator with
propane. also I have a splitter in the lines to switch to a tank of
oxygen if I should ever need it. I love mine I have had it for about
five or six years.

Does any know if the smiths little torch can be run from Propane
and an Oxygen concentrator? 

One of the venues where I teach in Toronto uses a concentrator
instead of compressed bottled oxygen.




I use the Smiths little torch with a No. 5 tip with an oxygen
concentrator and 1 lb disposable propane bottles. It works great.
The oxygen concentrator actually puts out a little too much oxygen.
I’ve turned the flow down to 1 lpm which is as low as I can without
the alarm going off and that seems to be just right. I don’t use a
regulator on the oxygen, just a spark arrestor (probably not
needed). The propane lasts a long time. You just have to turn on the
oxygen concentrator about 5 or 10 minutes before you want to use it
so it will produce a high concentration of oxygen and you need to run
it for least 20-30 minutes each month. With the oxygen concentrator
and the 1lb propane bottles I feel fairly safe using a spare bedroom
in the house for a shop.



Yes, michael the concentrator works on your torch, I have been using
one for about five to six years running a bigger torch for glass bead
making. I added a “y” line so I could switch to the regular oxygen if
I wanted to. that works fine. both running on propane gas. There are
several units, I am using the 5 lpm one. It does fine but the 10 lpm
would be better (for my glass torches). You don’t need the medical
unit, just the oxygen for torch work. let me know how you do.