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Smith torch question


Ok, I just purchased the Smith little torch but it was just the hose and torch with the tips. No regulators or flashback arrestors. Can I use the disposable regulators? I’m thinking if it’s too expensive for disposable propane, I’ll rent one from my job. Then I’m assuming I’d need one with a gauge?


Use the little regulators that are for the camping size tanks. I switched
to that in my basement shop when my big tank ran out once. It worked
great. You can get oxygen like that too. They last a long time with those
tiny torches.


I run a Meco Midget and a Little Torch on disposable 1 Lb. propane cylinders with a non-adjustable regulator and an O2 generator. They are connected with Y fittings so that I can use either torch as needed. I refill the cylinders from a large 20 Lb. tank. No back flash arrestors or check valves. I also have a very nice light weight hose on the meco that I bought from the Tin Man (do a search). This setup has done everything that I have asked of it for over two years including 2-3 ounce melts. You definitely should look at Paige tips for your torch. Good luck…Rob


Hi Rachel,

You can use the disposable tank regulators – you might find them difficult to use when adjusting the gas pressure into the torch. More importantly, please buy and install a pair of flashback arrestors (especially if your torch is one of the many knockoffs that can be found online, and purport to be genuine Smith Little Torches). Smith/Miller Electric recommends using arrestors, and they’re less than $50 a pair at CyberWeld.

If you’re wondering what can go awry without arrestors, read this thread:

Best regards,


Hello Rachel et al,
with all the contributions on Propane in this wonderful forum I’d like to draw your attention to our Occupational Safety Initiative on Torch Work, a common task we address together with G-TEC.


Thank you all for your info! Hubby won’t let me use acetylene because of the smell. How well does just a standard disposable propane cylinder work? No oxy tank, just the propane with the tip attachment.


Can the Smith little torch run just propane or do I need the oxygen for it to operate properly? I want to use the finer tips but on just a propane tank. Or does home depot carry finer heads with an extension cord?


The torch is designed for fuel and oxygen together. You won’t get much of a flame on just propane. So the answer to your question is no, you cannot.


Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I think I’ll get my oxy/prop set up at a later date then. I’ll start with the single propane tank kit and see if my heat source is causing my issues


Is there one for oxygen too? I found the propane one, but could I connect one of the non-gauge regulators for disposable tanks and the one you showed me together, or do I need the same types of regulators?


Hi Kawali,
to save yourself and everyone elses time, you need to take all the kit youve got to a welding supply outfit/ shop /company/ supplier near you… They will if you give them a really nice! smile help you out to put your kit together safely, and perhaps show you how to use it.


Look in the Gesswein Catalog online on page 522. If you can’t find it, just do a search and you will. I agree with Ted, go to a welding store nearby and listen to them.


This is everything. Just need to convert the lines to your torch. This is fleet farm but a lot of places will have them. SD


Yes, there is also one for th propane tank.


I saw the propane one. I was looking for the oxygen one


Ted Here again!
We have here in the UK in this trade whats called a common duty of care, maybe Ganoksin has as well.
You really dont know what your playing with.
I predict messing about on your own trying to put dangerous kit together will bring you to a nasty result.
dont go on without going to see a welding store for help . surely you want to play safe?
or risk getting literaly badly burned or worse.
sorry to be hard but its in your best interest.
Trying to sort out your problems on line is the worst way to go.


Did you see this? Super easy. I’m doing this in my new home shop. I’ll have my welding torch in the garage In case I need bigger.


This is a purchased set up that is made for home use. As you can see the bottles and regulators are all there. Some jewellers that have to work in malls need to use these cause that are not permitted for large compressed gas bottles.


Oh, I definitely didn’t plan on doing the whole setup myself. My husband knows all this stuff. I’m just trying to figure out what equipment I need so he can put it all together for me


Well, thats a step forward.
All you have to do is tell the welding store what you want to do, ie up to what size metal you want to heat to brazing/ soldering temp and they will tell you.
Shouldnt take more than 10 mins of your joint time.
Better still take along samples of the metal you want to heat/ join.
I started out some 65 yrs ago by ASKING! a plumber what I needed to weld up a steel tube space frame for a car special I was building aged 18. I got 1 oxy/acet torch, 2 hoses, 2 regulators and a cylinder of oxygen and one of acetylene. He showed me how to put it together and light it up. then off I went. You have to ask the right questions and talk to the right people.
Still have pics of the car.
Also you have to have a dream of what you want to achieve.
THEN find the way to do it.
If its been done before it can be done again.
Dont ever let lack of kit spoil your dreams.We now have here all that sort of kit to do the really difficult joining, in aluminium, s/steel and titanium using 3phase inverter aero grade argon /helium specialist kit.
Here endeth the 1st lesson!.
await your progress.