Smith silversmith torch settings

I’ve purchased 4 torches since I started metalsmithing a little over
a year ago. Initially the Blazer micro torch, which in hindsight I’m
amazed I was able to do as much as I was able to with that little
sucker, besides just jump rings and balling up wire. It was my one
and only production torch until I bought the Smith Little Smith
torch in oxy/acetylene. I then bought another Smith Little Smith
torch for propane. Each has it’s pluses/minues and uses. My latest
torch is the Smith Silversmith in Acetylene/Air and it’s quickly
becoming my “go to” torch. Based on Ronda Coryell’s DVD on Argentium
Silver, which I predominantly work in, I bought the #00, #0, and #1
tip, all of which are working out great for me. I also bought the #4
tip, with the thought that with that I would be able to also melt
silver and cast ingots and wire, which I’m sure I’ll be able to do
once I figure out how to regulate it. The Smith instructions say to
set the regulator at 10psi and I’ve managed to get it lit once, the
other times the flame blows itself out. When I did manage to get it
lit the one time, I had a massive acetylene gas flame; when I started
to tentatively open up the valve on the torch, it didn’t seem to
improve and sounded like it was on it’s way to blowing itself out
again. Am I using the correct setting on the regulator? When I use
the other torch tips at 10 psi, they’re good to go right from flame
up and the flames are clean. What psi should I be setting on the
regulator? Thanks to all of you that suggested to me that I get the
Smith Silversmith from a previous post, it’s awesome!