Smith Little Torch

I can’t seem to find a video to shut down the Smith Little Torch. Would sure appreciate one! I can find one to open it up but not close it down.



Like any torch, reverse the process by which you started it. GOOG - open gas, open oxygen, close oxygen, close gas. Or for propane - POOP,…

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Check Rio Grande for videos on the Smith Little Torch. They have several on how to light the torch. As was previously suggested, the steps to turn off the torch are the reverse to turning it on.

Hi, Debra,

when you say shut down, do you mean shut down:

  1. as in turning off the flame after using the torch?…ie: the GOOG acronym…

  2. or do you mean as in shutting down the system for the day?…ie: close the tank valves, bleed the hoses, back of the regulator pressure…

  3. or do you mean shutting down the system forever?…ie: disconnect everything for storage?

please let us know

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I worked for sometime in the boat building industry. Steel fishing boats 32’ to 110’. We used Oxy/ Acetylene torches. Acetylene is a very dirty burning fuel and it will leave great long sooty floaters in the air. Nothing you’d ever want to breath.

In our shop it was common practice to bleed just a tiny amount of O2 into the torch along with the acetylene before we lit the the torch. We always turned off the gas before we shut down the oxygen. The reason being the O2 would blow out the flame once the pressure on the O2 side was greater than the acetylene and this also eliminated the black air worms.

After a short few days on the job you learn how much O2 to bleed in.

My little torches burn propane so the soot s less of an issue but I still light up and shut down that same way.

Old habits and all that…

Don Meixner

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