Smith Little Torch with Victor outfit

I need to get a torch to start working at home and I have read the
Victor is too hot, even with a small tip, for small work (I do bezels
and things, but would like to do med.-ish chain links). Does anyone
know if I can attach a Smith Little Torch to a Victor outfit? I don’t
know how all this works or if the units are interchangeable.



I use a smith torch with victor gages it workes fine. Ben working 30

Don in Idaho

Are you working with silver or gold? If silver, you would be better
off with a gas/air such as a PrestoLite with uses acetylene/air. When
you had oxygen, you get a small hot flame that works for gold but is
not so good for silver.



I have used a Little Torch on Victor Oxyacetylene regs, and had
decent results. The smallest #1 tip is a bear to light, without a
flame to hold it near. Sparks are imprecise. As to bezels, I have
"wrinkled" some with a Little Torch. Keep the torch moving, and favor
the metal under the bezel. It’s usually a larger mass anyway.

Break some eggs, and go for the omelette.


When you had oxygen, you get a small hot flame that works for gold
but is not so good for silver. 

Just for balance, let me say that I have two torches, an acet/air
Smith and an acet/oxy Meco. I use mostly silver. I much prefer the
hotter, more concentrated Meco flame, and see no reason that it is
not so good for silver. I used the Smith for years, and it is a
perfectly good set-up, I just find the Meco more versatile. To me,
the hotter flame seems all the more helpful with silver, which
quickly conducts heat away, than with gold, which allows the heat to
build up where you aim the torch.



Hi V

The answer is yes, that is how I do mine. I got a couple of Y’s at
the local welding store with shutoffs. I turn my Victor torch off
when I am using the Smith and my line pressure is much lower with the
Smith. I am running 10 psi on Oxy and 5 psi on Acet. Or maybe it was
5 and 5. Experiment…

HOWEVER… If you have used your Smith with anything else,
specifically compressed air from an air compressor I would not do it.
Even the smallest residue of oil in the oxygen line could be