Smith Little Torch Handle Is Heating


I have a Smith Little Torch which I used extensively when making
jewelry and doing repair work.

I quit doing it for a while but recently set up my shop again and
made my first piece last week.

My problem is that the handle of my torch is getting very hot and I
don’t remember that ever happening before. I’m using the same tip
size I usually use which is #6 and I’m using about 6 lbs pressure on
both the Oxy and acetylene.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why the handle is getting so hot.
It got so hot I couldn’t even hold it anymore.

Thank you,


just for fun and safety’s sake, get a new torch. a hot handle just
doesn’t sound like a good thing; ie, how do you know that the parts
you aren’t holding (hoses, regulators, tanks) aren’t getting hot



Can anyone give me any ideas as to why the handle is getting so
hot. It got so hot I couldn't even hold it anymore. 

I don’t have an answer as to why this is happening. I have been
using the Smith Little Torch for many years with no problems. I would
call Smiths and ask them about it.

Joel Schwalb

Eeek! Replace that torch immediately! Has to be a leak or a crack.
Don’t risk a shop disaster or an injury. Warm perhaps, but torch
handles should not ever get hot,much less too hot to handle!

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Hi Debra,

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why the handle is getting so
hot. It got so hot I couldn't even hold it anymore. 

Based on your description of the problem, if I were you, I’d
disconnect the torch from the hoses & quit using it until a
definitive answer is found. Probably the best source for that answer
is the Smith Little Torch Co. (

Good luck!


Sounds like you may be getting a fire in the body, take your torch
apart and check it very carefully. You might try blowing it out using
a can of compressed air, like the computer cans, it would not have
any by products which could mix with the oxygen.

Check for bugs, spider webs, lint balls, and blow your hoses out. If
it continues to do it, buy a new one or send it in for repair, mine
does not get hot.


You have a fuel gas leak in the handle and it is burning… Don’t use
it. Replace the hoses and check it out or have it checked out if you
don’t know how.


Dear Debra,

The most common cause for any torch handle to heat up is what’s
called “back burn”. This happens when you try to use a large tip for
a small flame. There’s simply not enough pressure or volume so the
flame actually burns back into the handle. Every torch will do this.
Use a smaller tip and I’ll bet you won’t get the handle heating up,
however if you do then please call the supplier or Smith. By the way,
I use 8psi or more when using a Little Torch tip of 6 or 7.


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Sales and Support
800-545-6566 ex 13903

some times when I crank the heat way up for awhile my torch handle
gets hot but only if I am doing it for a long while. Too much heat
too long!

Don in Idaho.