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Smith acetylene torch

Just in time for all this talk about torch safety, my Smith
acetylene torch handle has been acting up. When I shut off the
the knob, I sometimes get a small flame coming out of the knob.
Does anyone know if there is an o-ring that can be replaced or do
I need a new handle. It is only a few years old and gets moderate
use. Thanks for any info. Robert

I would take it to my welding supply shop and ask them. I got a
med. sized Victor torch handle at a foundry sale and used it,
shut it off, picked it back up and burned the ---- out of my
hand. Had it rebuilt (would have been almost as cheap to just
buy a new one!) but I don’t get “tourched” anymore when I pick it
up. There are seals in the torchs, I just don’t know what sort
of seals the Smith unit has in it, but your supplier should or at
least can get the for you from Smith.

My 2 cents.

John D.