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Smith Acetylene Air Tip 180-3

I have a Smith Acetylene Air Tip 180-3, the large one. Can’t seem to light it anymore because it pops and snuffs out the flame right away. Have tried wiping the inside of the chamber, but it doesn’t seem to help. Has anyone any tips as to how to clean it, or do I need to replace it? Thank you for any information or suggestions you may have.

Mine will pop with black soot until I have enough acetylene in the flow. If you prime the torch with a smaller tip attached and switch to the larger one, should be good to go. Irritating, but just the way it is. Mine is 5 years old. Not frequently used as it is used for annealing and working on larger copper pieces >6" x 4".

If you want to try to clean it, a thin bottle brush with blue dawn dish soap & hot water or really fat long pipe cleaners should do the trick.

I’ve had acetylene/air torch for forty years. It never pops when I light it. It will pop when I turn it off. I do not get black soot.

I run my Meco tips through the ultrasonic sink when they start to misbehave. Blow them dry with O2 and get back to work…Rob

Set the regulator to less pressure.


It only happens with the one larger torch head.

I know when starting to use a cutting torch or oxy/acetylene welding, you need to turn the acet. up a good bit to light then down before turning on the oxy. Otherwise it quickly pops and you will never get it to light. Maybe that will help.