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Small workbench for an assistant


I know we’ve discussed workbenches many times already, but my
question is fairly specific. I have a bench that a friend built for
me almost 20 years ago. I love it and it is perfect for me. I would
like to add another bench to my shop for an assistant. Because of
limited space and the limited amount of work that will be done on
this bench, I would like something small. My question is does anyone
use the bench from Rio Grande #113-975? It’s item D on page 207 of
the 2007 Tools catalog. It’s the one with metal legs. It’s the
smallest bench I can find.

If anyone is familiar with this bench, what do you and don’t you
like about it? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your Orchid wisdom!

Linda Blumel


Put jewelers bench in Ebay search and see what is offered



does anyone use the bench from Rio Grande #113-975? It's item D on
page 207 of the 2007 Tools catalog. It's the one with metal legs.
It's the smallest bench I can find. 

The bench you asked about has the advantage of being small. I have
one in my office. The drawers fell apart out of the box. My other
larger benches are in the studio.

It wasn’t worth repacking the shipping back so…

I had a wood shop make drawers out of sturdier wood with hardware
which allows the drawers to be pulled out, but not topple onto the
floor. The price of metal being what it is; I then had a liner made
for the sweeps drawer. It is soldered so metal cannot drop into the
drawer. I then have wire mesh in the drawer to collect larger parts
and tools that may fall into the drawer. It raised the price of the
bench, but has paid for itself in the long run. Nothing falls on the

I also made these changes to my other larger bench. Next I want to
have a bench top organizer made for the smaller bench. That way the
organizer can be moved with the bench instead of mounting it on the
wall as with my larger bench.