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Small ultrasonics


Hi folks! I looked up ultrasonic cleaners on e-bay and was suprised
to find many instances of the same small countertop ultrasonic. It’s
a type I hadn’t seen when searching through Google. Very inexpensive,
but the specs seem good. Geared to non-professional, home market.
Seems to be produced by Sonic Ware (?), but a search for them shows
only Sonic Ware Technologies, with an unaccessible page. Anyone
familiar with this item?

Janet in Jerusalem


I am not sure if the units to which you refer fit in this category,
but be aware that there are a number of “sonic” cleaners on the
market. They are sold for jewelry cleaning, dentures, small parts,

They are ONLY a small VIBRATOR attached to a container which holds
cleaning solution.

This has NO relationship to the power of a true ULTRASONIC cleaner.

David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings


Janet Please make sure that it is Ultrasonic. You should be able to
buy a small ultrasonic for about $65.00. half a pint.

Sonic cleaners like Connisuers are good for home use & are very
cheap you could get one for under $20.00.

Kenneth Singh