Small Ultrasonics

Hi all I just bought two small used ultrasonics cleaners in a second
hand store and I don’t know if they realy work and if they come
complete cause I have never used an ultrasonic before, both are made
of plastic, pretty basic,light duty,one is Connoisseurs La Sonic III
and comes with a small plastic tray and two compartments and
cleaning positions switch, Regular delicate,Off and rinse

and the other one is Towle super deluxe jewelry cleaner very small
in size,No tray, looks like a toy. My question is how do I get to
know if they work , is it worth to keep them? or I’m just wasting my
time adding more junk to my big collection of wannabe tools. do
somebody have experience with this small ultrasonics? Marco

hi Marco, it just so happens I have been researching buying an
ultrasonic cleanser so I have a few web sites you could check out.
Thought at the very least you could see what one is supposed to look
like from the pictures in their adds. I don’t own one either. Have
been hand-cleaning pieces for over a decade. Luddite craftspersons
distrust of machines putting me out of an occupation I guess.
Anyway, here’s those sites.,, www, I thought I’d
written down a site that was only ultrasonics and actually had the
word ultrasonic in the web address but either I was wrong or my
computer has eaten part of that list. Anyway, hope one of these
manufacturers can help answer your question. -Naomi

I believe that La Sonic is a vibrator attached to a liquid tank. All
it does is vibrate the cleaning solution, and is definitely less
effective than even the cheapest (under $100) ULTRAsonic, which
involves an ultrasonic transducer which sends very high frequency
sound waves through the liquid. David Barzilay, Lord of he Rings

If you’re looking to use these for jewelry making, they are too
weak, wasted money.

They way to see if an ultrasonic works is to take a 2" square of
household aluminum foil and place it into the solution. Leave it on
for about 5 minutes. The ultrasonic should pierce holes into the
foil. If it does, it’s doing it’s job. If not, get new machines or
get them fixed.

David Geller

Marco The Connisuer La Sonic is not an ultrasonic. When the unit does
not say Ultrasonic then it does not have the aggresive cleaning
power. Usually Sonic machines sell for about 15 to 20 dollars. Even
if they work the units are not for you. Usually the jewelers give
these to their customers as gifts & some of the catalog stores sell
to non jewellers. Kenneth Singh from New York

Hi Marco, It sounds like the units are vibrators not ultrasonics. We
sell ultrasonics and repair all makes and models of jewelry
equipment. Usually the small units like you are talking about just
vibrate the liquid. This is not the same as an ultrasonic cleaner.
Ultrasonics use sound waves to clean. I have written an article about
them that is free to download at

It should be helpful to you in your research on getting an
ultrasonic cleaner. Also a lot of what is in this article has been
posted on orchid over and over in the past year and a half. Look in
the archives.

The article also tells how to test a sonic using aluminum foil. It
is easy and only takes a minute to test the unit. Do keep in mind the
smaller the unit the less powerful it will be.

Be sure not to use any plastic in an ultrasonic and don’t place
anything on the bottom of the tank. The reasons for this are
explained in the article.

If you have any questions please let me know by email or calling our
toll free number 1-877-262-2185.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair