Small torch vs. Hot Spot soldering machine

I’m totally in awe of all you Orchidian’s with your level of
expertise and generosity of spirit, I’ve learned so much just
reading the daily messages and jewelry making articles.

I’m looking to move my jewelry quality up a notch. I need the
capability to solder jump rings in finished jewelry without hurting
the surrounding stones. I won’t always be able to use solder filled
jump rings and can’t afford a Pulse-Arc-Welder.

I don’t know anything about small torches such as Genetec Small
Torch. >From what I read it can get extremely hot but with
interchangeable tips can get into very fine spots.

Quick and easy to use is important… if it involves a lot of setup
or cleanup it will totally eat up any profit.

Any advise you can give me will be greatly appreciated.