Small particles when melting Silver


I don’t know if you are the right people to ask the question but
assist me if you please

I am melting gold 92.5%,rest copper and silver, under the presence
of argon gas in a closed chamber, I have noticed that there are very
small particles spread across the chamber in the form of a powder
which is almost 1.5% of the total metal melted, temp is
1145 degree celcius

Please let me know if you have any clue as to what this is


floculation at over 2200 degrees seems related to the crucible, if
unseasoned graphite, breaking down, but i need more to
give you an informed opinion.,like what kind of closed chamber, what
its lined with,what are the particles clinging to, what method do you
employ for flooding the chamber and at what temperature do the
"particles" form, and what is the result you are seeking, and are
you simply trying to cast, reclaim, or alloy?..also what colour are
the particles/powder and how did you arrive at the 1.5 percentile.all
these and more questions lead to a correct response.