Small Oxy-propane torch

In the True-Value hardware store, I've recently seen an
oxy-propane set-up for about $50.  It uses the same size disposable
tanks as the usual propane ones which plumbers use.   Has anyone
out there had any experience with these?

Hi Judy,

I have just been reviewing a very nice oxy-propane torch for the
Horological Journal - so nice I don’t think they will get the review
sample back!! This is the Microflame W6000 torch which you can
see at . It is available as a number of
different job-targetted packs - the one they sent me was the W8900
Miniaturists pack which comes with two nozzles giving a 7.5mm and
25mm flame length which are ideal for small jewellery work but a bit
small for larger pieces. However, they do a wide range of nozzles
giving flame lengths from 0.9mm to 200mm and the torch can work with
oxygen and Butane, Propane, Natural Gas or Acetylene. You can use
disposable cylinders which are easily available (over here at least)
or you can get adaptors for the more professional-type (and much more
economical) cylinders. The smallest nozzles easily allow you to
solder individual jump rings in chain without fire-staining the rest.

Best wishes, Ian –

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield, UK