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Small Enameling Kiln

Hello, I am going to invest in small enameling kiln with temperature control. Any suggestions? I’ve heard Patsy Croft enameling kilns are good. Anyone had the experience to share?

Hi. I was tasked with researching a small kiln for our employee studio here at Halstead. After much research we went with a Paragon bench top kiln with temperature control. They have a great reputation and the staff were very helpful. We wanted to use it for enameling and to use for PMC clay. You may want to check them out.

I have been using my Paragon SC-2 kiln for many years. I use it solely for metal clay and use a separate non-digital kiln for enameling, but I know that many enamelists use the SC-2 kilns for enameling as well. You just have to make sure that, if you want to use the same kiln for metal clay and enameling, you clean out the kiln thoroughly before switching media.

I am also a Paragon kiln fan, having used them while taking a workshop at Thompson enamels. However, my budget being limit!ed, I got a older dental burnout kiln from a dental lab in my area and it works well. Sigh, I still miss the idea of the window to watch the stages without opening the door!