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Small Easy Database for Jewelry Components?


I have been on the hunt for something easy to use where I can list all my jewelry components with photos, etc… all the programs I am finding seem so bulky/clunky and overkill. Anyone have a suggestion?


Airtable is an easy cloud based relational database that you can use on any platform. Look at The only drawback is that, in its free version, you can’t make custom forms or documents where you place fields in a specific physical location. You can import spreadsheets (.CSV) to populate records and fields if you have been using spreadsheets. And it allows a photo field type. Feel free to contact me off line if you want more information…Rob


great…thanks very much. I’ll take a look at that.


I use jewelry design manager.

It lets you generate a lot of useful reports (including a parts catalog of everything that you have).

The owner has always been helpful on the rare occasions that I have had issues.

It is extremely easy to use, but may be more than you want. That said, it’s more than paid for itself in saved time at tax prep time, and helped me get a handle on pricing of my pieces. Good luck in your search.


thank you!!


I second Jewelry Design Manager.
Its not flashy, but it works great for jewelry.


I also recommend Jewelry Design Manager