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Small drill press that needs new drive Belt

Hi, I have a Rexon Knova KN-DP-2250 8 13/16" Drill Press. I bought
it used. I didn’t get to use it but two times and the Drive Belt or
maybe it is called a Vee Belt broke apart. It is tiny, being this is
a tiny machine. I am located in Mexico, things are so very hard to
find here. If I measure it, it measures about 9" around (the circle),
it is about 3/16" wide, if I hold it between my thumb and pointing
finger is measures 4" from finger to finger, held taunt. I have tried
to find something on the internet without any success. I have
thought that maybe sewing belts? Making my own with a piece of
rubber? Or even the leather from a treadle sewing machine might do
it? Just made small? We won’t be using it a huge amount, but it is
very useful and these are hard to get down here. Mainly the cost,
things are really inflated. A Cheap belt sander from Sears is $150 in
the US, here it is $600. Makes it tough to get things you need, so we
are very careful in that regard. ++I run a small workshop here where
I teach young women how to make jewelry, enamels, and lampwork. There
is nothing here for them, so for me, it is important to help them
obtain equipment, so if I can’t fix this one it will be a bust. I
hope not, money is so tight for us. Some of them have managed to
build little humble homes, and are the sole support for their
families, it gives them great hope and purpose as well. These are
very poor but determined women. One was the best student of her
graduating class in our State of Morelos! She got a scholarship but
could not use it due to not having enough money for room and board.
I started the workshop for her because I felt her greatness was being
destroyed in fields working bent over up to 14 hours a day for
literally beans. She now makes double what she made there and she
works less than 1/2 the time she did, now only 40 to 45 hours when
she was working almost 100 hours a week. Anyway, just a small
introduction here, and hopefully someone can help us find a similar
drive belt for drill press! It will certainly be well used! And

Laura & las Muchachas

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend:


I just checked my old Singer Sewing machine, which I just replaced
the belt on it last week. The belt is 3/8 wide but about 6 inches
when stretched flat (so approximately a 12" circumference). I would
suggest using treadle leather

in a pinch as you can adjust the length.


You should be able to fashion one out of a heavy rubber band.



I do not know if this is available in Mexico, but here in the States,
you can buy “bulk” “O” ring material at automotive shops. If you can
get “O” ring of a large enough diameter for the shivs/pulleys, if you
are very careful and use a sharp razor blade, cut the “O” ring
material ends at the proper length and use a high strength super glue
to glue the clean and straight cut ends together. Did this as needed
many times when farming and they worked GREAT. As a drive belt, I
think they would work if not put under too much pressure. Just a

John Dach

A sewing machine belt will do the job, as will a large O-ring. Large
O-rings make very good drive belts; they are made of very
hard-wearing rubber, are very strong and generally easy to obtain.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Hi Laura I googled and found this… let me know if it works out.

They say they are dealers for Rexon-Knova.


If you know anyone in the medical field, or scientific field, you can
use latex tubing used for torniquets or the tubing from IV sets. Cut
it longer tan the current belt, and just tie it with a tight square
knot. It should transmit power for a small drill press. A stronger
solution may be to use the small tubing used for air in aquariums if
you sew it together (sharpen the end of a needle with a file, use a
strong string or fishing line to thread with, a pair of pliers to
push the needle through, and sew all the way around the outside of
the diameter). Here is a link to a picture of how you should sew it,
it is medically referred to as an end to end anastomosis used to sew
veins (or other tubular organ) together.

It will be difficult to pierce the tubing, it may be easier to first
use a heated sewing needle to make multiple holes through which you
can thread your string.

O ring belts can also be made easily, but finding large enough O
Ring may be difficult. I have glued it together with super glue
before. The tube belt I describe above will last longer though, and
likely be less expensive.

3/16" is not a standard V belt, as the smallest made commercially is
1/4" wide, and the smallest length I can find in that is 10"
(circumfrence around the outside of the belt) If there is a lot of
adjustment capability for the length, it may work. The trade number
you are searching for is a 2L100 belt, if you google 2L100 belt you
may be able to find a local supplier. It may be possible that you can
have it ordered at an auto parts store. Again, the tube belt may be
your cheapest and most reliable option. Plus you never have to wait
for repair parts if it breaks again!


Thank you so much to the group! I am so grateful for the wonderful
ideas and I will be trying to see which one of all will do the job,
but it sounds like more than one would work! I appreciate it so much!

The young ladies here will be very excited, the drill press is less
scary than using a dremel tool to them, go figure! Haha,

Thanks again! Sincerely,

Good day to you Laura Brito and all Orchid members, you may want to
try contacting the US Rep on Rexon products which I got lucky and
found, give it a try. USA Power Tool Specialists Inc. 684 Huey Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730 TEL: (803) 980-7740 FAX: (803) 980-7750 EMAIL:
[custserv at tradesman-rexon dot com] If that does’nt work, try
contacting the Company REXON a Taiwan based company TEL:
886-4-24914141 FAX: 886-4-24913807 EMAIL: [joseph.lin at rexon dot
com dot tw] WEB SITE:

I hope this works for you,
Richard Lucas

For what it is worth, super glue works quite well in gluing rubber
belts back together or fabricating new ones from suitable rubber
cord. I found this out from a gasket maker. The three new belts I had
made are still sitting on the shelf and the old broken one which he
glued together in less than a minute is still going strong after more
than 10 years of hard use.

J Collier Metalsmith

Hi Laura & las Muchachas I will get a replacement belt for you. See
if the original belt has any markings or numbers. Can you take
pictures of it? If you send to me the original broken belt, I can
measure it and determine the correct replacement. I just need to
know what to get for you and I will send it to you.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

I had an old rock tumbler that had the same width V belt. I searched
for a replacement and emailed companies to no avail. Someone
suggested an O ring. I still have to locate one the right
circumference but was holding out hope for the V belt.

If you find one Laura let me know where from - I now live in
Australia and am finding some things hard to locate ( I haven’t even
started on the V belt!).


Coming late to this thread…

V Belts come in various widths
Here are some of the narrower sizes

2L is 1/4 inch wide or one might say 2/8 wide
3L is 3/8 inch Wide
4L is 1/2 inch wide or one might say 4/8 wide

So guess what L stands for

There is also Metric belts which sort of look like a v belt but have
a slightly different profile (More rounded) 3M and 5M are common small

3M = 3 mm or 1/8 inch
5M = 5 mm or 3/16 inch

Note you want a drive or “Power transmission” belt not a synchronous
or timing belt, in those 3m and 5m refer to the size of the bumps. Be
ready to be frustrated because if you search using Google etc. most
hits will be for timing belts.

Auto parts stores can sometimes order them but you may have to
communicate with a company specializing in industrial applications to
find the size you need.


Rio Grande sells the smaller round-shaped, rubberized belts for the
tumblers. They may have one that fits a small drill press, although
it is intended for something else. I do not believe they have a high
cost. The item number for the mini rotary belt is

Also, Lortone makes many product which require drive belts, and you
can get them in differing sizes. They are very inexpensive. Try for ordering them.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

check the hardware store for o rings

I highly suggest Micro-Mark: and here is a link to a page that has
large variety of belts for small motors and tools:

I am not affiliated with them but discovered them as a source for
unique and hard to find tools. Particularly miniature tools.

Keith Hible