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Small Casting Machines MC-15 VS. Ti Resrearch

Hi Guys,

I just got a milling machine and want to upgrade my large casting
set up to a small efficient casting setup. I want to cast 18kt white
gold, platinum, and palladium (maybe titnium too but not important).
I read the thread on ganoksin mostly about the Ti-Research machine.

My problem is I dont know which to choose the Ti-research or the
MC-15 any inputs would be most welcome also about good supplies like
an oven, vacuum, alloys, etc.





I want to cast 18kt white gold, platinum, and palladium (maybe
titnium too but not important). 

Just this statement alone decides the question of which machine to
purchase. I can’t speak for titanium because it is not a metal in my
repertoire of jewelry use metals. Palladium alloys should not be
"open air melted" (torch melted) because they absorb oxygen and
become porous and brittle. The Ti Research machine is an "open air"
melt machine so shouldn’t be used to cast palladium (it is great with
the gold and platinum alloys).

Not knowing th MC-15 machine except from recent advertisements and
their website, I can’t say how well it works, but it does have an
induction melt and inert gas atmosphere so it would be preferable
for palladium casting.

Just my thoughts, not associated with either company or any
resellers of their products.

Paul D. Reilly


Since you want to cast palladium you will need the MC-15 as it has
an inert atmosphere cover gas for the crucible and flask. The Ti
Research machine is an open air machine where you use a torch to
melt the metal so no inert gas cover and you will not be able to
successfully cast palladium. I am the happy owner of a Ti Research
machine and would recommend it for other metals but neither
palladium or titanium can be cast in open air successfully.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Thank guys for the input…

I am really like the ti-research… there are two reason I cant make
a decision

1-Temperature control on the melting different metals up to 2000
Celsius (better control than a torch)

2-Palladium is not a priority but I want to try them out for wedding
bands and graduations rings since no plating is required… is it
the upgrade to the MC-15?

any recommendation on a good furnace and a vacuum