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Small brooch


I just thought I wanted to make something different for a change. This is what I came up with and I don’t know if people even wear them anymore.


Hi Chris,

I make a lot of pins. And depending on the show I do well with them. I find it often depends on the age of the customer as to who buys them. I think the middle aged and older customer is the more likely market for brooches. I don’t sell a lot of pins at music festivals for instance.

I have made a similar looking piece and found that how it was displayed was the key to selling it. I would sell them faster when displayed vertically rather than horizontally. And I would often have a pendant option of the same piece which would move quicker.

I like the tube set stone on yours. A nice but of elegance I rarely do use stones and when I do I use cabs.

The short answer is yes, people still wear pins.

Don Meixner
---- Chris Makin wrote:


Hi Chris
like the design
I was wondering same if people where them
I Made a combination pin / pendant
So of course I’m always looking to see if women where
since paying more attention I have noticed yes not alot but yes
Im gonna make another
Anthony Buccieri


Also Chris
I forgot to ask
Is the yellow melted metal gold
if so how was that achieved


_I just soldered small bits on and subsequent heating’s took care of the rest.


Ok thanks Chris