Small brooch

I just thought I wanted to make something different for a change. This is what I came up with and I don’t know if people even wear them anymore.


Hi Chris,

I make a lot of pins. And depending on the show I do well with them. I find it often depends on the age of the customer as to who buys them. I think the middle aged and older customer is the more likely market for brooches. I don’t sell a lot of pins at music festivals for instance.

I have made a similar looking piece and found that how it was displayed was the key to selling it. I would sell them faster when displayed vertically rather than horizontally. And I would often have a pendant option of the same piece which would move quicker.

I like the tube set stone on yours. A nice but of elegance I rarely do use stones and when I do I use cabs.

The short answer is yes, people still wear pins.

Don Meixner
---- Chris Makin wrote:


Hi Chris
like the design
I was wondering same if people where them
I Made a combination pin / pendant
So of course I’m always looking to see if women where
since paying more attention I have noticed yes not alot but yes
Im gonna make another
Anthony Buccieri

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Also Chris
I forgot to ask
Is the yellow melted metal gold
if so how was that achieved

_I just soldered small bits on and subsequent heating’s took care of the rest.

Ok thanks Chris

Great looking pin! I also wonder about making brooches. My issue is learning to put the pin component on the back. Anyone know of a good tutorial? Jean

Greetings Jean,

I have made pins for sometime as I mentioned earlier. And I guess I have burned up a lot clasps in the process. I am not thrilled with the pre-assembled clasps I have gotten from my supplier and I probably won’t buy pre-assembled parts again. I will try the same clasps un-assembled first and see how they hold up. There are other options available for shop made clasps that I can try.

My advice would be to become aware of weight for your pins, both visual weight and actual weight. Composition will sell the piece first. How it hangs and looks best will be determined by where the pin stem is located.

As you can see in this picture the pin goes right through the center of the fish. It looks best when worn if it is hung vertically. Hung horizontally it flops a little. Lesson learned by me. Good luck, have fun, and send pictures.

Don Meixner

Don, do you have a picture of the back of your fish pin? It would be helpful. Is the catch in silver? Thanks.

Barbara Jacquin

Hello Jean,

Just found this video tutorial from Nancy Hamilton on youtube:

I didn’t watch the entire video, but I hope this helps!


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I like Soham Harrison’s technique also:


Hi Barb,

I thought I had added that photo. I don’t have that particular pin photographed from the back. This piece of wire work has the same catch and hinge I have used on nearly every pin. Early on I found my customers always bought the commercial product over the shop made pin backs. So I have used these findings from a major commercial supplier.

Don Meixner

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I use those all the time, sterling silver except the pin and that is plated.

Thanks, I will watch the video this morning after I do my chores.


I have always thought pins Were a classy addition to a.jacket or coat. I rarely ever find them though.
I had a big, beautiful silver and turquoise one. I put it on my jean jacket. Looked great.
Unfortunately someone else liked it and took and while I was at a restaurant!