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Small air conditioner for studio

I need an air conditioner for my small studio. Right now I am looking at portable AC units. Are there any recommendations? Thank you!

If by portable you mean the kind that have a hose that blows warm air out through a window and cold air into your shop and not a window type, remember that you will also have to do something with the condensate. You can drain the sump when it is full, but I can tell you from experiece that you will forget and there goes your cool shop. You can run the condensate through a hose to a floor drain if you have one or install a float type condensate sump that will pump condensate to wherever you can dispose of it. A dehumidifier has the same problem since they are basically an air conditioner. Mine was off for some reason during this last hot spell and I found rust forming on my highly polished steel surfaces. Something about a visit from grandkids and the “Oh Sh****t” moments that they can create. Good luck…Rob

Thank you, Rob…as I research portable AC units I am finding issues with how they function. This information helps!

Rob makes an excellent point. I was warned about this by a couple of friends because with some models you have to lift the entire unit to dump it (and I’ve got a spinal cord injury that precludes lifting). What I ultimately decided was to stick with window units unless circumstances make it impossible (landlord rules, window specs). They’re not as fancy but they’re cold.

I have found that I can live with moving air instead of A/C. Being in a dry atmosphere has its advantages. A/C cools by drying out and exchanging the the air in a space. A strong vent fan blowing out in the window, sucking cool air from the rest of the house does a fine job for me. It would be better if I had two windows on different walls but this way I am drawing already conditioned air. But even at that I still need an outside opening in the house or the air won’t draw. It also keeps the fumes, if I am soldering, under control. That brings up another issue. Venting while soldering or polishing. It takes a lot Cubic Feet Per Minute to exchange the air in a room. A Broan bathroom fan isn’t going to do it. Being able to create a draft that flows through the space goes a long way to help.


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i have used the portable units…i did not like it…it did not really cool a bedroom down, and you need to deal with the water that results…and the big duct hose…

i would suggest a window unit…or a ductless mini split a/c system…i had central a/c and heat in my studio…it conked out…i got little clip on fan and it works well…not sure i want to replace the a/c unit…

just my thoughts…

Thank you, Don. Right now I can open the windows in my studio for ventilation (a fan helps). I just need something to help cool my studio space during the summer months.

This information helps…thank you.

Good to know…thank you.