Small adventures in the high end jewelry trade

Hi Everyone:

Thank you to those who have called me courageous. However, it’s not
very scary to post someone when I am thousands of miles away sitting
behind a monitor. I’m not really courageous. I actually have someone
else sell my jewelry for me because that’s what they are good at and
I stutter a lot.

I searched for the word “stupid” in the archives and found that you
guys are right. People are not bashed for asking beginner questions.
I have to admit that my post had a bit of my bruised ego in it and it
was actually inspired by a post which came days (weeks?) ago. I
should have let it go and not let it bother me so much.

I have bottled up many questions and plan to test the waters and
actually post them. I encourage others who have written me saying
they are intimidated by the forum to do the same. Remember that the
person who responds to your post is also courageous (ie. sitting
behind a monitor thousands of miles away).

Best Regards,
Kim Starbard
Cove Beads