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Slotted Sterling Wire

Hello All,

Does anyone know where I could purchase some slotted wire?
Specifically, I’m looking for plain sterling dead soft 8 gauge wire
with an 18 gauge lengthwise slot. Rio has (page 33) some that would
be perfect, except that it is twisted wire - I need plain wire. If I
can’t buy any, is there anyway to make it using just basic hand tools
(I’m a newbie and only have the basics)?

I’m trying to put an edge on a pendant. It is an 18 gauge rounded
off square piece of mokume gane (that’s why I want plain wire, the
twisted would be too ‘busy’ for mokume). I have dapped it to give it
some depth (looks pretty good), but because of the square shape and
the dapping, I can’t set it like a cab because of the 3D nature of
the piece (the four edges are not all on the same plane the way they
are on a flat backed cab. Even then, I would probably mess up plain
bezel around the squarish corners, and serrated would also be too
’busy’ for the mokume).

I hope at least some of this made sense. Any help would be

Cindy Carroll

Hi Cindy,

I’ve done this with square sterling wire with some degree of
effectiveness. It takes some patience and a bit of nerve, but it can
be done. Use a couple separating disks mounted together on a mandrel
on a flexshaft and just grind a slot to the desired depth along the
length. It probably won’t come out perfectly machined, but it will
work. I believe I have also done this with a burr in a flexshaft. If
you have access to an Allset tool it would help increase the accuracy
if you try it with a burr. Also, be prepared to stop frequently to let
the silver cool, as the friction will build up heat.

Good luck,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

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Cindy: From your message I thought you were looking for a channel

If so channel wire is made by drawing bezel wire through a draw plate
to get the shape. Start with the width close to what you need (you can
cut sheet stock) and anneal and draw, you can use another round wire
as a core if needed. Have fun. Art

Art & Lucy Smith
69253 Lariat
Sisters, Oregon 97759