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Slipjoint handpiece coupling

I am planing to move to the US style of flexible shaft (Foredom),
the problem being that I have some very fine handpieces and hammers
that require a European style slip joint flexible shaft coupling.

Does an adaptor exist that can connect a European slip joint style
hand piece to USA flexible shaft fitting?


Foredom manufactures a Slip Joint Shaft, Sheath and Motor Connector
that connects to the Foredom motors so that users such can use their
european slip joint handpieces. The complete assembly or separate
components can be purchased through any Foredom Dealer. Foredom also
has slip joint connections for most of their handpieces. I am not
aware of any type of adaptor that would allow a slip joint handpiece
to work with the standard U.S. key tip shafting.

Mike Zagielski,
Foredom Sales Manager