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Slip and pull bracelet

Hi . I have a big question about making this typw of hinge ( i think so). Can everyone show me how to do this . THANKS!!

AND something like this

Does any professor know about this?

Please be more specific about the nature and character of your ask… what exactly would you like to know?

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Sorry about my words. I want to know how to make the hinge (locket) of these bracelets.

The tube that the chains passes through has rubber inside with a hole that is slightly smaller than the chain. This provides friction and allows the chain to pass but not without some effort.
It is not a very good clasp in my opinion. My experience is that over time the rubber wears out and the chain slides too easy. Then the clasp has to be replaced. Maybe they have improved the materials lately.

In the old days chain slides like the first two were lined with cork rather than rubber.
The third clasp is a friction spring clasp, constructed similarly to the spring locks one can find on lanyards and adjusting cords. This is a particularly ungainly style for jewelry, IMHO.
Here’s a page of such locks from a lanyard supply company.

Another material to pack the tubing with is cork. It will last for years. You are right about making a hole slightly smaller than the chain. Have fun. tom


[quote=“ScuffedShoes, post:7, topic:54750, full:true”]This is a particularly ungainly style for jewelry, IMHO.

Forgive me in advance I’m not trying to be rude, I’m now 74. Your statement feels kinda harsh! IMHO! Gage ear rings, gaudy pendants, and blue spiked hair – don’t appeal to me much but the other hand I really like Abby’s style on NCIS, goth I think.

I really did like the clasp, however, I went to the link you provided and there is a style that I thought was more appealing “PO45” a symmetrical shape. I then realized the one you refer to as a spring clamp might be more appealing if it had a nonfunctional extension on the left side to make it symmetrical.

My point is we need to consider the eye of the beholder/purchaser. BTW couldn’t one similar to PO45 be constructed from silver or gold tube with a middle spring, at least in my minds eye.
Regards RLW

My opinion prevents no one from using such a clasp in their own designs. I think it’s ungainly; someone else likes it very much. That’s what makes horse racing.