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Sling Caster

Marco, you mentioned that you often use a sling caster. How/where do
I get one? Couple weeks ago I was at a gem show and asked equipment
suppliers if they carried such an item and each time I got speaches
on safety was treated as though something was VERY wrong with
me…mentally. I am 2 weeks new to Orchid and it’s amazing how many of
my questions “never asked” are anwered in in this wonderful site! You
are #1 in my book…or is that in my computer? Thank you. Heleana

Dear Heleana.

There’s nothing wrong with you.the problem is that you have been
asking to the wrong people,and usually. the representatives from some
companies don’t know nothing about alternatives in casting.Because
they sell new technology. If you want to know more about simple
methods of casting go to your local library where you can find many
books about casting methods,including; centrifugal,vaccum,steam
casting,and sling casting.and how you can make your own equipment.All
you need is an get your membership card.

let me recommend some books where you can find how to make your own
sling caster.or even a steam caster with some few dollars.(practical
casting ) and (the complete metalsmith) Both writen by Tim McCreight.
This two books you can buy them easier in the book store cause they
are new editions.

As for the sling caster. where did I get it?. let me tell you that
in one of my trips to Mexico I got it from a dental laboratory. they
cost $ 3 Dlls. but I’m sure you can build your own. Keep asking,I’m so
pleased to answer your questions. Marco.


Sling casting is only unsafe for those standing near you. Your metal
will always sling away from you. No problem !