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I have noticed that many of you use digital cameras for photographing
your work and was wondering if there is some way to produce slides
from digital images or whether one still has to use a regular camera
and slide film? I need to put some slides together and was wondering
whether it is possible to use digital images.

BTW, thanks to everyone who has responded to my cc inquiries, on and
off list! I have received an overwhelming number of invaluable
responses and unfortunately my two little ones don’t allow me to sit
still long enough to reply to everyone directly.

Thanks so much again!


Yes, its possible to generate slides from digital images. The
resolution of the image must be high. I was recommended this service
specifically for art photography. here is the link

Allison Griffith

Many photo processing and printing houses in major cities can make
slides from digital files. One place in Philadelphia that does is
Berry and Homer at (800) 522-0888, but look in your local yellow
pages, as this service is becoming more common as digital files do.
Slides cost ( or did when my brochure was printed) as little as $4.00.

Remember, the larger and higher resolution image you give them, the
better slide you’ll get back.

Janet Kofoed


I don’t have a digital camera but a technique I have used
successfully after manipulating a conventional slide or print on my
graphic programme is to print the image out at about 6"x4" size at a
resolution of 5 or 600 dpi. Then re-photograph the image onto Fugi
Velvia slide film.

While the image is on the graphic programme I will usually put a dark
frame around it, easier to photograph that way.

Use camera on a tripod, a good macro lense and a smallish aperture.
You will be surprised at the quality of the result.

Regards, Keith Torckler, Cornwallis, New Zealand

I can recommend Elegant Graphics FTP rather
than email is a great way to send the images to them. I made images
that were about 1500 x 1000, or 1000dpi for the 36mm x 24mm slide
size. The slides looked fine (a little pixellation in the fonts)
projected at a 700-seat conf centre.


Hola! I’m sorry, I’m new here and I don’t know exactly what are you
talking. But I recommend this link to correct your digital pictures:
you can rotate, sharpen, color reduce, resize or add special effects to
an image.
i/ I hope it will useful!

Roc�o Heredia.