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Slides for Rosen Show

Hello all!

I believe there recently were some posts regarding turning digital
images to slides, however I could not locate anything in the
archives. I want to apply to The Rosen Show and it is mandatory to
submit slides, however I only use a digital camera. I went to a
camera store and was told that it is impossible to convert images
taken digitally to slides, but I think this is incorrect.
How else in the digital era do people get slides made? And why do
shows still expect this when so much is done digitally these days? I
am on a timeline and really need these slides, doe anyone have any
useful Please help!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Orchidians!!
Laura J. Designs

hi Laura,

go to they do a nice job converting digital
images to 35mm slides. no affiliation, just a happy customer.


Hi laura, I use Walt O’Brien to transform digital images into
slides. He does a good job. Here is his website:

Good Luck, Vince LaRochelle, Oakridge, OR

Hi Laura,

Digital images can be made into slides by any good photo lab. One of
my painter friends turned me onto Chrome here in San Diego and they
were great! I E-mailed files to them and they turned them into
slides by the next day. Some of the files were very small but still
turned okay. Just be sure to take your pictures in as large a file as
possible so there is plenty for the lab to work with. Also easier to

Good luck!
Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

Hi Laura,

Do you have a photo lab in town? Can you get your digital images
onto a disc?

I am still one of the few who doesn’t have a digital camera. When my
photographer shoots my ‘slides’ he hands me a disc. I go to the
local photo lab, Minneapolis is lucky to have a few, hand them my
disc, and ask them to make slides for me. Simple.

That being said, I googled the other day for another artist ‘slide
duplication’ and came up with many places across the country. Her
comment was, how can they ask us to have digital images when all we
have are slides? I think it is a split between younger artists and
older artists. (By the way, the photo labs work off of slides or

I know many artists who don’t like the new zapplication process for
applying to shows because they don’t have the knowledge to get their
slides into a digital format easily. Others love it for the very
reason it is digital.

The gap between these two forms of technology is getting smaller
every day, as is the time for having a digital camera a mandatory
piece of equipment.

Jenny Levernier
jmml designs
Minneapolis, MN

I have been using They were originally recommended
on Orchid. They have been quick and the slides are high quality, and
reasonably priced.

Cynthia Eid

that is why I have still been using my 35mm if you are able to take
clear slides yourself, you can send them to photoworks in Seattle for
under $25 a roll, you get double prints, slides, negaatives, and
they are on photoworks website. I just uploaded some to a show which
wanted jpeg pictures emailed to them.

It really is handy. But I still have the slldes should I need them.
oh, the price also includes a free replacement roll of slide film.

I purchased a Z740 Kodak but have not been smart enought to figure it
out for jewelry do fine with “plain” photos of peiple, etc. en

Dear Laura and All,

I’ve converted digital to slides using the following company:

Digigraphics Photos INC
2639 Minnehaha Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
888 721 3259

If I remember correctly, you can either send them a cd of images or
use an upload link at their website- better have a fast connection
though to utilize that option. I was very pleased with their service
and their staff- I had a lot of questions the first time I used them,
and they had the answers.

Best to all.
Nesheim Fuller Design
Mason City, Iowa where it is -still- below zero

I often have my digital images turned to slides. I have used Pro
Digital Photos with great success, and even had them do a couple of
very large rush jobs for me. I have been very happy with their
service. Here’s their link :

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)

You want to put your best image forward. Don’t count on the local
mega store to transform digital images to slides. Plus you need to
take advantage of the fact that they start digital and you can
correct any errors in them.

Go heRe:

Larry has a free tutorial full of info on how to transform digital
to slide as well as where to send them once you are done.


I haven’t used yet, but i did get their sample
kit, and its great - gives you examples of their papers and printing
processes. You can request it from their website.


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Give a try. They will treat your digital
images professionally and with perfect color balance. They will also
make beautiful enlargements of your work.

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